Dennis Dixon a Real Deal: Just Stay Healthier?

Arthur BurkhartContributor IAugust 29, 2009

One of the most unsung surprises of the preseason for the Steelers has been the emergence of Dennis Dixon as a #2 or #3 backup for the Big Ben.  Dennis has shown why he was so successful in Oregon, with his speed and accurate arm to thread passes down-field in a manner untypical of our King QB - Big Ben.  A known fact is that in his entire career Dixon never took a snap under center as the QB.  Oregon chose the shotgun approach as the only way to move the ball offensively in the PAC 10.  However, that has changed for Dixon as a Steeler and he has adjusted impressively.  With the use of Byron Leftwich as the backup last year the Steelers faithful did not get a chance to see Dennis take the snaps he deserved in the number three slot.  Given time to grow into the system Dennis will establish himself as a solid #2 backup and it is my hope that Charlie Batch along with Big Ben tutor him into that role.  In today's NFL you must be strong in depth in the QB position or you will risk it all down the stretch.  Charlie has been stout in that role in the past, however, it is time to pass the torch to youth.  If Dixon can shake off his recent shoulder injury quickly, the Steeler Nation can look forward to an awesome and unpredictable approach by the offensive unit.  Our passing game will come together like it never has in recent history.