Manchester United Prevail In Men Vs. Babies Rematch

AustinCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2009

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - AUGUST 29:  Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger looks on after being sent to the stands during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford on August 29, 2009 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

Manchester United 2, Arsenal 1: That’s how it ended yesterday at Old Trafford as Arsenal put on a disgusting performance that spits in the face of football.

Arsene Wenger’s antics at the end of the match were absolutely uncalled for. After Van Persies’ goal was called off (and rightfully so), Wenger decided to act like a prepubescent child, kicking a water bottle. This action undoubtedly had him sent off by official Mike Dean with help from the fourth official.

But Wenger wasn’t done. He decided that he was going to continue his drama queen parade and headed back to the bench. He then placed himself amongst the Manchester United fans whilst waving his arms as if asking, “Is this not far away enough?”

No, Arsene. You have to leave the field and the dugout when you’re sent off. Show some class. Wenger could learn a thing or two from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Wenger wasn’t the only bad representation of Arsenal on Saturday. The players were poor too. When they were losing and desperate to earn a point from the game, Emmanuel Eboue went to the ground way too easily and earned a yellow card. All credit to Mike Dean for that. After Eduardo’s dive against Celtic, you would think Wenger would send a message to his players that discourages diving. Arsenal seem to be asking for negative headlines.

Besides the card Dean gave to Eboue, it seemed that Dean had some type of deal with Arsenal.  Dean gave ample stoppage time for Arsenal to earn a draw, which they almost did. At least the sideline official was fair. Was the five minutes of stoppage time necessary? Apparently not because the allotted five ended up being seven minutes of stoppage time.

On the other side of the pitch, Manchester United showed us why they are the classy champions they are. Arsenal, no doubt, had the better play. I’ve heard people say they “dominated” United, but that just makes United’s win that much more impressive.

Even when they are playing poorly, they can still beat Arsenal. That’s right, Manchester United can beat Arsenal on a bad day. Imagine what United would have done if they were playing in form. Champions find a way to win matches even when they’re not at their best.

Arsenal should have been honored to play at Old Trafford. They should have shown respect. Instead, they kicked water bottles and tried to win Oscar’s with their theatrical dives. The Theatre of Dreams is not for acting -- it’s for playing world-class football.

I suggest Arsenal change their attitude the next time they play at Old Trafford. Last season, Patrice Evra said that playing Arsenal was like “men vs. babies.” I couldn’t agree more. Arsenal’s immaturity is baffling.

If Arsenal have any decency, they’ll publicly apologize for their behavior. At the very least, they need to personally apologize to each Manchester United player and staff member.

To Arsenal fans: Continue your Arsene Wenger worshipping. What has that gotten you? It hasn’t gotten you anything but negative publicity since 2005 and that’s a fact.

You say, “In Arsene, we trust.” I say, “That’s hilarious.”

My man of the match: Abou Diaby.


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