Don't Get Excited, It's Only Preseason! So They Say

Aric KlobiContributor ISeptember 2, 2009

     Well the Pack is 3-0 and looking pretty damn good so far this preseason. There is the key word again. Pre-Season. Nobody wants to talk seriously because its preseason. Oh yeah, and the Lions went 4-0 last preseason. That could make anyone think. One big difference. The Packers have a dangerous offense. Let me elaborate.

     First, i think what everyone has overlooked is that Rodgers is a top 5 QB from last year and that was with a 6-10 team, not to mention a first time NFL starter with a ton of pressure to succeed our unmentionable friend. I think it is safe to say the defense was our biggest weakness. Not to mention our running game just wasnt consistent enough. Picking up where he left last year Aaron has a 151.1 passer rating, 6 tds, 0 ints, and a 71.1% completion % in 3 "preseason" games. That is near perfect. Oh yeah, Pre-season. Now not to make this sound like the A-Rod show, his line has allowed 0 sacks in 3 games. That is outstanding. That allows him to display that veteran like poise and go through his progressions with the time he needs. From there he can choose one of his many dangerous weapons in Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Jones, Martin, Lee, or his new toy Jermichael Finley Whose name you will be hearing alot, especially in the red zone.

     After all that is done and said the running game seems to be back on track. With Grant in all of mini-camp and healthy he seems to be in that powerback form that we need. Brandon Jackson has only gotten better and will likely compliment Grant well. To throw in the mix we have an undrafted free agent in Tyrone Sutton who looks to be a great find and soon to be investment.

     With the offense outta the way that leaves the big question in the form of 3-4. Our new defense headed by Dom Capers. I was very nervous about this when Capers was signed because this is no easy conversion. 3-4 is known as a confusing defense to confuse the offense so they dont know is covering and who is blitzing. So confusing, the defense can get confused. But, watching in preseason i didnt see that confusion. I seen a well maintained offense just like Capers is known for. Not perfect, by any means, but i think its safe to say ahead of schedule. He has turned 3 teams around and taken them to the playoffs in his first year. Not bad.

     So, before you say next time its only preseason," think about it first. The only thing that has no meaning is the team record. Just remember this is their time to gel as a team, learn their huge playbooks again, some for the first time, and get used to the speed and the pressure of the game. And its fun to watch our 1st string beat the hell outta the defending NFC champions 1st string, not such a bad thing. So in January when we are gearing up for playoffs and you are thinking what a hell of a season we had, think about how important August was, and where it all started.