MLB Instant Replay: Will it be Heaven or Hell?

Paul HauserContributor IMay 22, 2008

Let’s judge the judges! It seems to be happening in our world anyways. “Hey!  That was no strike, it was way outside!” Rulings come down from the people, and yet the judges overrule, or is it the other way around...?

In the first inning of our country’s history, our government set checks and balances, to make sure judges did not just rule at the call of kings and governmental officials. This seems to be the case in California, with the ruffling of feathers over the definition of gay marriage.

Is there a homogeneous position that we could all live within in defining the marriage between the human factor and modern technology in sports?  Sometimes it is thought that there shouldn’t be any instant replay, because it interferes with what is natural, even if it isn’t perfect.

Yet, with all that is being said and done these days in various areas of our lives, aren’t we going to prepare ourselves for such inevitable, though maybe not perfect, changes? We are challenged today to entertain with the ideas of mixing and matching machines and humans for cyborg progression in many areas of our lives.

Let’s not judge too harshly, lest we be judged. But athletes on steroids and runners with prostheses ruffle sport’s fans to either boo or cheer, right? Olympic records made by bionic runners should be banned, for some of the same “Barry” good reasons baseball tried to assert, right? We want to preserve what will make the sports family happy. For what makes the sports fan happy will be a marriage in which both the owners and players could live together.

Let money make the calls, for it’s the love of money that is the root of all players and owners. Everyone is a fan of money. Why, the Cost is what is judge of all sports, and rules whether we even attend our favorite sport or not.

Could there not be a happy medium, (Sounds like television to me!) that brings the best of the medical, technological, and purely athletic progression to match our era of information? Perhaps robots that argue with the umpires, in place of players and managers, could save the game and some from injuries, and purify records for the purists, yet providing a modern twist to computing stats.

Which sport has the best officiating? The one that gets away with it undetected, like Mr. Belichick on his way to the Super Bowl? Or is it Mr. (well, you insert a name, and we’ll pray for your best fallen baseball hero) who did it, (you call it!) for quite awhile?

Or is it the one that uncovers faults, before the earth shakes up sports to such a degree that all statistics are swallowed up and devastated? My bet is not on basketball, where if you don’t pay your respects to the proper judges, not only will checks bounce, but heads could too! It was a “ref” sport, and it could get rougher if we can’t agree on someone who will call, “Foul!”

If someone doesn’t put his or her foot down soon, we will live similar to a time when “every man did what was right in his own eyes”, the time of the Judges as the Good Book sees it. That would be like the recent commercial where everyone is playing tennis at the same time, and loving it! (But what is the score!)

It’s getting later in the game of life than we think, and to be a very good sport is to not make calls that take away time, so we cannot make up the difference between one opponent and the other. That would not seem fair.

So, if things could go back as they were “in the beginning” (the BIG INNING), we would see who really ruled, and saw that it was good. But of course, there was someone critical from the start, and he changed the course of the game, as the player, who I don’t know from Adam, sided with a bad call.

As I see it now, this sport's officiating has become a mess. Let God make the call. Let Him be Judge, and see if anyone argues with Him. He has promise, because He claims to work all things together for the good of those that love His sport.

But, as long as there are armchair quarterbacks, there will be some who see things differently, even with God. They are the ones that demand an instant replay of their own minds. They could get it too, even though they could have it wrong, but then, it’s only a sport, right? Or is there something worth considering when getting thrown out of the game of our lives…?