The Pittsburgh Steeler's Cut Isaac "Redzone" Redman.

Timothy KesslerAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

PITTSBURGH - AUGUST 29: Running back Isaac Redman #33 of the Pittsburgh Steelers carries the ball in the third quarter during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Heinz Field on August 29, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

I am at a loss for words. I truly am.

The only words I do have floating around my head are sure to upset some Steeler faithful.

I can not believe the Pittsburgh Steelers cut Isaac Redman. My surprise was only surpassed by the shock I felt when I heard they kept Frank Summers.

Some people would say that its because Summers is more capable of filling multiple roles, I would say WHO CARES?

No one filled the role of scoring better than Redman! What is more important than scoring? May I ask that? Because it is, or should have been, as simple as that for the decision makers.

You DO NOT get rid of your most productive player at a position! Any position!

How many roles do Parker or Mendenhall play? Redman showed more ability and heart than either of them as well.

How many times have you heard the Steeler's say...we are not going to look at where a player comes from; rather, their perfromance on the field will be the determining factor? So what happened here?

Redman was hurt by the fact that he wasn't a draft choice, obviously. He was an undrafted rookie from Bowie State.

It would have taken a lot of guts to cut a first round draft choice simply because you promised to go with the players that showed more on the field. I guess their wasn't enough guts to make it actually happen.

But what of a fifth round choice? How hard would it have been to cut him?

Redman performed better than any other running back during the preseason, starters or draft picks.

Redman scored three of the Steelers’ five touchdowns rushing during the preseason and had a team-leading 145 yards. He also was their top goal-line scorer, which included going five of seven against the Steeler's first team defense in camp!

Yes, Redman was not only good in the preseason games at getting the ball in, he did it against our defense a lot more often than they could stop him. Pretty impressive considering we are the reigning best defense in the NFL.

He was not only better in short yardage but in rushing in general. He found the holes better, made tighter cuts, and drove through more defenders than any of the other running backs.

We kept Frank Summers, a fifth round draft pick out of UNLV! Summers has only four more yards than I do so far this season. He had one carry for four yards against Carolina on Thursday.

It had to have come as an insult to Redman after he heard that Summers was kept.

Redman filled a role that we needed to fill. A very important role. One of the most important roles there is, in my opinion...the role of finishing drives!!!

How do you NOT make room for a player who proved he had the best ability in getting the ball into the endzone?

Our short yardage performances out of our running backs last season was about on par with the greatness of our punter.

So what should we do? Um, lets keep those same runners, bring in and keep another drafted runner who has shown us nothing at all, and let us cut the only man who showed any promise or heart what so ever.

Are you kidding me???

I really looked forward to seeing us being capable of finishing drives this season. He looked to me to be starter material. He would have eventually replaced Parker.

I am sure our offensive line was as disappointed in their decision to cut Redman as I am. He made them look better than any of our other runners.

As far as the building of the team, I am afraid our front office's priorities have not been in line with the things that have kept us dominant over the years.

Baltimore is looking more like the Steelers of old than we do. I really hate to say that but it is true.

I read an article recently where Jason Cole stated...

"The marriage of offense and defense is clearly defined for many NFL teams. The defensive-oriented Baltimore Ravens consistently have a strong running game capable of eating clock and protecting small leads. The Pittsburgh Steelers are much the same."

Just a few years ago those two teams would be reversed in that statement.

In fact, Cole was simply being nice throwing us some props just because we were once famous for that identity. To make his statement true now, he would have had to end it with something like...The Pittsburgh Steelers are much the same, minus a solid offensive line, and minus a strong running game.

We need to make the most out of every opportunity we get to improve our offensive line and running game. We have neglected to do that with the draft, free agency, and now player cuts.

We have playmakers now, but we are deviating from our identity. We must not stray too far from what has made us consistently the best for so many years.

In finishing, I simply wanted to let it be known that I am a die-hard Steeler fan, despite what you have just read. I have simply been disappointed by a few of their decisions as of late, and I needed to vent a little after this one.

Here We Go!!!



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