The Hurricane/Helms: What's Up With That?!

Miss AnnieAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2009

Last episode of the Abraham Washington Show on ECW, Abe’s special guest was the mild mannered reporter, Gregory Helms.  

Before I get to the point, let me just say this:  I thought that episode was actually good.  Washington had some good punch lines that weren’t actually just annoying.  It was rather entertaining. 

And Tony Atlas was funny too.  I mean, at least he’s doing something now unlike when he was with Mark Henry, as his manager where he basically did nothing.

Okay, he still didn't do anything significant. But he was funny.

So anyway, halfway through the segment Washington introduced another couple of guests—Paul Burchill and Katie Lea.  Now, Burchill told Helms to basically just admit that he is the “masked superhero, The Hurricane” and proceeded to challenge him.

Everybody and their mothers know that Helms is in fact The Hurricane.  But, they have to stick with the storyline and show a recorded video of The Hurricane in probably a rooftop somewhere and tell Burchill that he’s mistaken and challenged him for a match next week.

There’s nothing wrong with it and I probably would buy the story—if I were a kid.

The problem is, ECW is supposed to be the “extreme” or “hardcore” brand.  This alter-ego superhero stuff (I want to say cr*p, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say in an article.) is just too cartoonish that it shouldn’t fit in on any storylines in ECW.

Why does Helms need an alter-ego anyway?  He does the same thing as himself in the ring.  Hurricane doesn’t exactly have superhuman powers.

I’m not saying every story line has to be as serious, as personal and as grave as the storylines involving Randy Orton that it has to include their families and everything else.  We could use a little break from that.

It’s just that this whole thing makes me think that the new meaning of ECW is “Entertainment for Children with some Wrestling”. 

I’m just saying.