Sports Withdrawal: We All Have It at Some Point

Angie LewisContributor ISeptember 6, 2009

I don't doubt that there are people who went through what I did the past couple weeks to the point where they felt that it was imperative that they went to a bar to watch a game.

I have been running with no laptop for a couple of weeks because the previous one had crashed. As if that already didn't drive me crazy, I also have been running without any television. And my phone (as usual) really didn't want to work during these past few weeks. So not only was my contact with the world limited, but I had been without sports longer than I can remember.

The issue of my withdrawal from the lack of watching and keeping up with sports was the most pressing issue for 2 weeks - I haven't watched sports for DAYS, much less the news or Law & Order: SVU. And call me lazy, but being the sports fanatic that I am, reading a couple of stories on a few teams and looking for various scores in the newspaper doesn't quite do it for me...

I woke up today not only excited that I have an extra day this weekend to sleep late, but it was also the actual first day of the college football season! Thus, I figured that I'd take advantage of the fact that tonight I had the opportunity to go out for dinner with a friend of mine in Washington, DC's China Town.

The night was still young after we finished eating, so we decided to walk around a bit.  Something, however, came over me where I realized again that today was the first day of college football. I exclaimed, "Anthony! Let's go to Hooters! It's down that way!"

Hooters was delightfully busy, and I felt as though I had walked into a green pasture of sports - something on every television in there. And lucky me, we got the table next to a TV.

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, USA vs. El Salvador, and probably one more game I couldn't see from where we were... Yes! I had been experiencing sports withdrawal - going such a long period of time without having seen a game or following game online as I normally would. Yet, after being in Hooters, I had an overwhelming happiness with all of these games on at once and watching every single one of them.

Of course, I am exaggerating a little on the fact that was really going through withdrawal. I made it through these couple of weeks with mental stability, but I still feel as though tonight's trip was so necessary, and that there are people out there who would have done the same thing.

This is true, regardless of the randomness associated with the idea, and that I had to in my uncomfortable heels all the way down to Hooters. I just needed to recapture the feeling of watching sports.

And needless to say, Anthony didn't really complain about having to go to Hooters.