Boston's Other Green Monster: How Nick Green Has Used PMPM To Improve

Peter SchillerCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2009

ATLANTA - JUNE 26:  Nick Green #22 of the Boston Red Sox against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on June 26, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I recently interviewed co-founder of Perfect Mind Perfect Motion (PMPM) Sports, Buddy Biancalana, and he put me in touch with former PMPM Sports student and current Red Sox infielder/relief pitcher Nick Green. In this August 28th e-mail interview, Green talks about his career, Boston, and his experience with PMPM Sports.

For Nick Green's major and minor league hitting and fielding stats, please see the bottom of this post.

Author's note: Back on Aug. 27, 2009, Green pitched two complete innings for Boston, only allowing three walks (no runs, no hits, no strikeouts). Now that's what I call a super utility player!

Nick Green is having fun in his first season in a Red Sox uniform, rising to the occasion for whatever the team has asked him to do—from taking over as starting shortstop for a stretch to pitching in relief during a blowout in August.

"Boston is definitely a lot different than anywhere else I've played," Green said. "It's a blast to play in front of a sold-out crowd every night and know your fans are behind you all the time."

I asked Green, who has used Perfect Mind, Perfect Motion (PMPM) Sports to improve the mental side of his game, what his approach to hitting was; for example, does he research pitchers and guess on pitches due to the situation, or did he just go on instinct?

"I watch video of pitchers just to make sure I know what pitches they throw and read scouting reports," he said. "From there, I just try to react unless the situation dictates something else. I try not to guess, because I end up swinging no matter what if I guess right."

Knowing that Green was a former student at PMPM Sports (see this link for the interview with Buddy Biancalana, co-founder of PMPM Sports), I asked him how he head about the organization.

Green said he met Biancalana at the winter meetings in 2006. He also told us that he "first worked with Buddy at my home in Atlanta, then flew out to Iowa and worked with Buddy and Steven Yellin."

I followed up by asking him what aspect(s) of his game did he want PMPM to concentrate on? What area(s) of his game needed help?

"I was looking for something to help me maintain some consistency while hitting," he said.

"PMPM helped me realize that mechanics aren't usually the source of the problem. I used to always try to fix what was wrong by focusing on mechanics and that usually isn't the problem. Now I know where to look when things aren't going well."

Now my interest was piqued, so I asked him if he has seen any of his former or current teammates maintain periods of being "in the zone" like you were taught at PMPM. If so, who?

"I have seen teammates 'in the zone' before. I've seen Jason Bay and Kevin Youkilis in that state this year. Everything looks like it is in slow motion to them and they are able to maximize their full potential at the same time."

This led me to my next question. I wondered if he would (or has) recommend(ed) PMPM Sports to teammates or other MLB players.

"I would definitely recommend players to PMPM," Green said. "But it's only helpful if the player buys into the program. You have to go with the program 100 percent, and I feel it can be very beneficial."

Finally, I asked him if PMPM works on all aspects of the game like baserunning, or is it focused more on hitting and defense.

"I think PMPM can work in different aspects of baseball, but mainly for hitting, pitching and defense," Green said. "The things PMPM teaches are actually things that can help you calm yourself in stressful situations—even off the field!"

I'd like to thank both Buddy Biancalana and especially Nick Green for their time and cooperation in order to complete these interviews given their busy schedules. Remember, for Green's offensive and defensive stats, keep reading below...

Nick Green's Major League Batting Stats

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Nick Green's Minor League Fielding Stats