NFL Week One Picks: From New England Patriots Fans' Perspective

Glenn CardSenior Analyst ISeptember 10, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 13:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots huddles with his teammates against the Philadelphia Eagles on August 13, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

I would like to introduce a weekly series of NFL game picks from some Patriot fans. Kicking off opening week of the NFL regular season games a couple of intrepid compatriots, TR and Glenn Card, contribute their picks and perspectives for your enjoyment.

Thursday September 10, 2009

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh

TR: Common sense dictates going with the defending champions, but I have never been accused of possessing that trait. It is tough at the top. Everybody is fired up to knock you off that pedestal. Titans running back LenDale White is already talking smack. I put Tennessee by a TD, Upset of the Week.

GC: As a nod to the defending champions playing at home I have to pick the Steelers. It’s the first game of the season and these guys are going to be pumped to be playing at home. I’m not saying the Titans are going to lay down only that they're not going to have enough fuel to overcome the Steelers; Pittsburgh by seven.

Sunday September 13, 2009

NY Jets @ Houston

TR: The Texans have been trying to look like they belong in the NFL for a few years now, and I think they might be on the verge. Schaub’s inability to stay healthy is a problem yet again, but having veteran Rex Grossman waiting eagerly in the wings makes a difference. The Jets will need a game or two to hit their stride, so I’m picking the Texans by six.

GC: The Jets have a new rookie QB with Mark Sanchez. The Texans have been struggling for years to gain acceptability; they have improved their roster this year and are really hoping to make some noise.

It’s not a popular pick to pick against the home team but I think the coming out party for Sanchez and the Jets new defense wins this game for them. Jets win a close one by three points.

Minnesota @ Cleveland

TR: No matter what Favre does or does not do, no matter what planet he plans to do it on, Adrian Peterson is the best running back on planet Earth. LaDainian Tomlinson disagrees, but I can’t say I blame him. I’d be jealous too. Peterson slaughters Browns defense, some Vikings quarterback throws a little, Vikes win big.

GC: The Vikings have Brett Favre at the helm and he has played the Browns often enough to know how to beat them in his sleep. Despite the Browns improvements they lose this home game; Vikings by at least seven.

Denver @ Cincinnati

TR: This one is a little tougher, for a bunch of reasons on both sides. But at the end of the day, Josh McDaniels knows what it takes to have his team ready on game day. Besides, the Broncos aren’t due to fold yet; Denver by three.

GC: The Broncos have something to prove with a new coach and new quarterback Kyle Orton. The Bengals also have something to prove, their not the doormat that they’ve been in the recent past. Bengals win this one at home.

Philadelphia @ Carolina

TR: It’s hard to pick against a team that boasts Steve Smith AND DeAngelo Williams. But Smith’s shoulder might be a problem for him, and the Eagles defense is going to be tough. The Eagles’ biggest problem will be smuggling Michael Vick past the protesters outside The Bank; Philadelphia by three.

GC: I actually like the Panthers a great deal. This game is not their game as the Eagles with Donovan McNabb at the helm is going for a post season appearance again this year and they are not going to let the Panthers slow them down right from the start of the season. Eagles win this away game but it will be close, it’s another game where three points make the difference.

Dallas @ Tampa Bay

TR: The Bucs need about another two years before they will bother anybody. Tony Romo may or may not be the quarterback we thought he was, but either way, this is the year to prove it. Cowboys come out strong, win by three.

GC: Tony Romo is going to be working overtime this year to prove he belongs leading the Cowboys. I’m not convinced that Buccaneers have done enough to be competitive again this year. The Cowboys win this game and make a statement by wining by 10 points.

Kansas City @ Baltimore

TR: I know people are expecting better days ahead for KC, but this is not going to be one of them. Cassel has returned to practice, but the Ravens defense will stifle anything the Chiefs try to put together. And Baltimore’s offense, especially on the ground, will keep the ball in their hands and the clock running; Ravens by 10.

GC: I like the Chiefs this year but no way do the Ravens lose their first home game but it will be close. I think only a field goal will give Baltimore the win.

Detroit @ New Orleans

TR: Let me count the ways… Drew Brees, MJD…Oh, this is just too easy; Saints in a blowout. Okay, 13.

GC: The Saints Drew Brees is going to eat up the Lions defense. The Saints win their home opener.

Miami @ Atlanta

TR: The Fish will fool some teams with, shall we say, alternative formations this year, and the Falcons could be among them; having said that, I’ll take Atlanta by three because their offense will compensate for any defensive shortcomings.

GC: This is an interesting game that I’m looking forward to. Can Miami repeat their winning ways? Will the Falcons Matt Ryan have a sophomore slump? The Falcons win this home game.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

TR: The Jags have beefed up at a position or two, but they are still no match for the weapons left in Peyton Manning’s arsenal. Caldwell as a head coach knows his team and he knows how to use it. Still, I expect a game. Jags keep it close-ish, only to lose by 10.

GC: I have no doubt that the Colts win this home opener by at least seven.

St. Louis @ Seattle

TR: Who cares? Okay, okay. Bulger’s broken finger is mended, but he hasn’t played since the first preseason game, and he isn’t loaded with targets anyway. Seattle improved itself tremendously with the addition of receiver Houshmandzadeh. Seahawks by 10, it says here.

GC: I’m not so sure about the Seahawks this year but then again I’m not sure about the Rams either; I’m going with the home team and will say the Seahawks win this one.

Washington @ NY Giants

TR: The Giants defense will have to work hard all season, so why not start in right away? Manning looks sadly target-deficient from this armchair, and the addition of Albert Haynesworth to the ‘Skins defensive line will pay immediate dividends. I know what you’re thinking, but I still say Washington by three.

GC: This is my upset game of the week. The Redskins will have just enough defense to steal this one away from the Giants.

San Francisco @ Arizona

TR: The Niners were about one Michael Crabtree away from moving out of the doghouse. I still think they have improved, but not enough to defeat Super Bowl runner-up Arizona. The Cardinals have had an inconsistent preseason, but they are good enough to win by seven.

GC: Who among you think that the 49ers have enough to take this game? Yeah, neither do I. Give Mr. Warner and the Cardinals their first win of the season

Chicago @ Green Bay

TR: So Jay Cutler has found a home in Chicago. He has a couple of toys to play with, so that should keep him happy for the first five minutes of this game. Still, this should be a close one as Aaron Rodgers has his way with the Bears defense. Green Bay by three.

GC: I usually never pick against the Packers when they are playing at home. I’m going to make an exception; Jay Cutler is going to be looking for a big win. The Bears are going to win this tough away game by a touchdown.

Monday September 14, 2009

Buffalo @ New England

TR: Does the acquisition of Terrell Owens help or hurt the Bills? Who cares? Tom Brady won’t let them have the ball long enough to find out; Patriots by 13.

GC: The Bills always worry me when they come to Foxboro. Yes I know they’ve got TO, so what. I’m happy Trent Edwards has a target to throw to. It’s not going to be enough. The Patriot will win the home opener convincingly with 14 points or more. Run up the banners, run up the score.

San Diego @ Oakland

TR: LT outruns the entire Oakland defense repeatedly, knowing he has to do it to back up his statements about Adrian Peterson. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself; Chargers by 13.

GC: The Raiders have made a lot of progress to pull them selves out of the cellar. The Chargers had a case of not living up to their potential last year. This game could be a real close game but I still feel the Chargers have to much fire power and will win this away game.

Look for these weekly picks as we will be adding and rotating different Patriots fans into this series.


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