Tale Of The Tape: The Phenomenal One Vs. He Who Was Bourne To Fly

D-Good The FranchiseContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

     AJ Styles                                Evan Bourne

5'10" Height  5'9"

   215lbs. Weight  183lbs.

Gainesville, Georgia Hmetwn St. Louis, Missouri

   Styles Clash Finisher Air Bourne

  1998 Debut 2000



     While both men are known for their exceptional high flying techniques, AJ is a bit of a better mat technitian. Both superstars use a varitable number of enziguiri's moonsaults, flying clothesline's and DDT's. Evan is the of the two, though only mariginally. Evan goes for a lot of what I like to call stinger, or stun moves (his moves are very quick and rapid and wear down the body through quick "sting" repitition). AJ is just a flat out wrestler with great arieal ability.


     AJ has had numerous encounters over the years some of pro wrestlings best talents. He's battled Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Christian, Jerry Lynn, Jeff Jarrett, Brian Danielson, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy just to name a few. One of AJ's greatest matches was the Triple Threat Match with Daniels and Joe for the TNA X-Division Championship.

     Evan has had some great matches in his short nine years in the business, and held his own in the ring against some of WWE's best. Evan had a fantastic match against Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship. Another great match of Evans was his match against Rey Mysterio.

     AJ and Evan met up in matches for ROH and IWA.


     Styles: The Styles Clash: A move Styles created himself and has used for many years. One of the most creative finishing manuves in wrestling today. The Styles Clash can be described as a blend between a Piledriver and a Facebuster. The manuver is executed by styles wedging the opponents head between his legs (a la piledriver and powerbomb). He then proceeds to lift the opponent up into an inverted belly-to-back, place his legs in front of the opponents outstretched arms and then proceeding to fall forward, the opponent landing on their face and torso. Styles then generally goes for a pin attempt after landing the manuver.

     Bourne: Air Bourne: The Air Bourne move is just a Shooting Star Press, one of the more devastating and dangerous moves in wrestling (it was banned for a time following Brock Lesnar botching a shooting star press ina match with Kurt Angle). The move is performed by bourne ascending to the top turnbuckle, with the opponent lying prone on their back, Bourn then proceeds to leap from the turnbuckle while performing a backflip in mid-air and landing on the opponent.


     The Phenomenal AJ Styles. Aj was projected as the winner due to him being a couple of yas more experienced in the business, and him having had a few more big match experiences. The styles of these two are so similar that the only real deciding factor to the outcome would be who has more experience.


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