Possible Trades For Josh Howard

Brandon SheehyAnalyst IMay 24, 2008

It's no secret that many Mavericks fans want Josh Howard traded. However, some fans want to see him on the court next year. Well, I think that the Mavericks would be much better off if they traded him. In fact, I have one trade that I think will most definitely make the Mavericks better.

Dallas Mavericks give up: Josh Howard (obviously), Jerry Stackhouse, and Jason Terry.


Milwaukee Bucks give up: Charlie Villuanueva, Michael Redd, and Mo Williams

(If the Bucks aren't interested in that, the Mavs can give up J.J. Barea, money, draft rights, or any draft picks that they haven't given up yet.)


Michael Redd displays exactly what the Mavericks need. A 3 POINT SHOOTER!!!!! Sure, Dirk is an established 3 point shooter, but his 3 point percentage in the 07-08 season was his worst since the 03-04 season, and it was his 3rd worst percentage ever. That is including his first season percentage of 21%, too. Now, I am not trying to dog on Dirk, it's just that they need a more reliable 3 point shooter than Dirk or the streaky Jason Terry.

It also doesn't help that Josh Howard apparently thought that he was a 3 point shooter. He simply got the ball, and shot from wherever he was. He wasn't making the most of his slashing abilities.

Villuanueva will also make a much better option than Malik Allen at Power Forward or maybe even center occasionally. Mo Williams will also make a great back-up point guard and future point guard for when Jason Kidd retires.

Losing Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse will hurt, but I think that it will be worth it.


Please comment on whether or not you think that this trade will work, and if it is a good trade.