Vick's Second Chance?

Ricky ChanContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

On Sunday September 13, 2009 Donovan McNabb went down again, this time breaking a rib scoring a rushing TD. After he got hit hard in the end zone, he started flopping around like a fish out water, and the city of Philly watched as their “Hometown Hero” once again walked to the locker room to be the always injured, high paid, best African American quarterback in the league. If McNabb is questionable next week, it would be smart to start Michael Vick. For one, it would let McNabb have more time to sit on the bench to heal. It would also allow Andy Reid to see which quarterback is better. We know Donovan McNabb has to be thinking about this same issue. Ever since Vick got signed signs have been leading towards Michael Vick, especially with this injury. It started when Vick was still out of NFL. McNabb got more on his contract, but not an extension. When the Eagles signed Vick, they sign for two years, that’s when McNabb’s contract ends also. So when Vick McNabb was named the starter, obliviously, it looked like in two years if one quarterback looked stronger and better fit for the job, the starting position would go to that quarterback, this also includes possible rookies and free agents.  

So with this new injury, Vick has a chance to show himself. Again, things are just falling together smoothly. I think time for Philly to paint a different picture, a McNabbless Philadelphia team. It too hard imagine, but seriously last season and the season they lost in the Super Bowl have really only been his real accomplishments in Philly. I’m not saying that Michael Vick has had any real accomplishments, but if you look at the type of team that the Eagles have right now with LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclain, and many more Brian Westbrook an Donovan just don’t seem to fit anymore. The Eagles have the fastest team in the NFL no doubt, so why not adjust? Michael Vick can do things for the Eagles, but Philly has too much faith in the wrong starter.