Auburn's Being Overlooked, Good Thing SEC Title Game Isn't a Popularity Contest

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 19:  Darvin Adams #89 of the Auburn Tigers scores a touchdown against Keith Tandy #8 of the West Virginia Mountaineers at Jordan-Hare Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


The Auburn Tigers still continue with their torrent pace, clawing to a 3-0 start with a blistering offensive scheme and opportunistic defensive unit.  In the wake of the 41-30 victory over the WVU Mountaineers, I saw a young yet talented team with a bright future and a lot of heart.

I have spent the past few days reading about the game and gathering other people’s opinions on this Tiger team.   Very few people outside of the Tiger fans believe this team is a legit SEC contender.  That’s fine, and reality is right now they are not, but...

This team forces turnovers and coming from behind and winning against a team that mule kicked the Tigers last year in Morgantown was a huge confidence booster.  A lot of resolve and resiliency was discovered by the young men lacing up their cleats Saturday evening.  Auburn is still under the radar but has dominated their opponents one way or another.

I have read people posting, blogging and otherwise running their mouths that Louisiana Tech was a second-rate team (OK) and that Mississippi State is the worst SEC team (Vanderbilt is), and now WVU was lousy with a weak defense and gave Auburn the victory. 

OK, those attempts to downgrade the Tigers' first three weeks and their 3-0 start are ridiculous and proof that nervousness is creeping from all corners of the SEC.  No, WVU did not give Auburn the victory...Auburn took it from the Mountaineers in the fourth quarter. 

I bet if your team was down 21-10 and came back in the fashion the Tigers did it would be praise the anointed kings of the league.  Right?

Say what you want but the SEC West is wide open as for who will represent the division in the SEC Title game. 

Alabama looks strong, with a skull crushing O-line and a smothering defense, which may very well lead them to the promise land as the Western division’s clear cut favorite; for now.  They have a great coach who needs to deliver the goods to live up to the hype of the uber-obsessed fan base in Tuscaloosa.

LSU can’t seem to get right offensively, and they are flat out offensive these days.  However, not many teams look as good taking the field much less play with the intensity and talent of a well coached Bayou Bengals team.

Don’t get me started on the Ole Miss Rebels because that is what they are...The Ole Miss Rebels.  The team from Oxford, MS will always be the Rebels; laughing ensues.  They are overrated and undeserving of their lofty ranking because they are the Ole Miss Rebels.    

As for the Arkansas Razorbacks and their giant QB with a porous defensive unit, what will become of their season?  They will have a say in who goes to Atlanta, but it surely won’t be them.  The Hogs are a year maybe two away from turning Frank Broyles Stadium into a Nolan Richardson’s 40 minutes of Hell plus 20 more in Fayetteville.  Now, which is worse I ask you?

So before you go counting out the unranked Auburn Tigers look at the possible landmine games for your respected SEC programs and remember winning does a lot for the soul and character of any football team.  Give me an offense that improves weekly an opportunistic defense and I will give you a 9-3 football team—enough to ruin your team’s Dream Season.

Good Luck to all the teams in the SEC West because the real season starts for just about everyone from here on out.  Does your team have the resolve to make it to Atlanta and battle the obnoxious and annoying Tim Tebow with his tag-along Gators?