Tale Of The Tape: The Demented & Disturbed

D-Good The FranchiseContributor IApril 10, 2017

 Kane          Abyss

7'0" Height 6'10"

326lbs Weight 350lbs.

Parts Unknown Hometown Parts Unknown

1992 Debut 1995

Chokeslam,Tombstone Finisher Blackhole Slam, Shock Treatment




     Kane's gimmick began as an unstoppable monster who carved a wave of destruction throught the ranks of the WWE. He's the brother of the legebdary wrestler The Undertaker. Over the years Kane began to come off as slightly more human up until his unmaskeing at which time he was decribed as a monster still, but in a more human sense of the word.    

     Abyss had a similar gimmick, up until recent years asa he's now being presented as a former insane asylum inmate who was formaly under the care of Dr. Stevie


Kane has had many memorable battles against his brother The Undertaker. The First of which tooki place at Wrestlemania XIV. The second Major battle was at Wrestlemania XX. Both of which Kane lost, but the matches showed just what a powerful figure he was as during both matches it seemed as if he would defeat The Undertaker. Some of Kanes other notable fueds include Big Show, The Great Khali,

Abyss has fueded with the likes of AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Raven, Matt Morgan and more currently Stevie Richards and Kevin Nash.


Kane is the 3rd Grand Slam Champion and 8th Triple Crown Champion in WWE history. He's a 1x ECW World Heavyweight Champion, 1x WCW Tag Team Champion, 1x WWF/E Champion, 1x WWF/E Hardcore Champion, 2x WWF/E Intercontinental Champion, 9x WWF/E World Tag Team Champion. 

Abyss is a 1x NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and a 1x NWA World Tag Team Champion  


Kane:Chokeslam: This one is pretty self explanitory. Kane Grabs the opponent by the throat, lifts them into the air and proceeds to slam his opponent on their back.

Kane:Tombstone: Kane flips th opponent upside down in an inverted belly-to-belly, he then proceeds to fall on his knees, thereby driving the opponents head into the mat.

Abyss:Blackhole Slam: Abyss stands side-to-side and slightly behind with the victim, facing in the opposite direction, and reaches around the victim's torso with one arm across the victim's chest and under both arms. Abyss then lifts him/her up with one arm as he/she swings the victim 180°, 270° or 360° to the opposite side, while the wrestler faces the same direction, then falls onto the opponent slamming the victim onto the mat back-first.

Abyss:Shock Treatment: Abyss situates th eopponent on their dise across his shoulders into a modified torture rack position, and then proceeds to fall in to a seated position.

Final Word

The winner of this match: Kane. I believe the outcome of this battle would be determined by who could better get into the head of their opponent. It's been proven time and time again that Kane is one of the best in the business when it comes to psyching his opponents out.