No Surrender 2009 Thoughts and Opinions

Kyle MoCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2009

                               No Surrender 2009 Review



1 –TAYLOR WILDE & SARITA vs. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (VELVET SKY & MADISON RAYNE) TNA Knockouts Tag Title match Tournament finals:  The right team won. The Beautiful People need another person to fill Love’s shoes. The match was okay for what it was. *


2 –HERNANDEZ vs. ERIC YOUNG:  This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to see this PPV, and they give us this- a 45 second squash. This is a great way to lose customers- by promising them a match, and not delivering. DUD



 3 -- TNA X Division champion SAMOA JOE vs. DANIELS -- X Division Title match: Good, solid match, but honestly these two could have done this match in their sleep in 2005. Samoa Joe still looks out-of-shape, and winded through out matches, while Daniels just doesn’t seem the same.  I was really surprised that Joe won clean by submission, well since its TNA. *** for the match, could have been more if Joe and Daniels didn’t awkwardly sell.


4 -- SUICIDE vs. POPE D'ANGELO DINERO -- Falls Count Anywhere: Well let me get something off my chest before I get into this review. I hate how TNA just slaps on gimmick matches for the sake of having that particular gimmick match. The FCA stipulation did not fit the purpose of this storyline, so there is no need of it. Any-who, the match was a tad goofy, and had some botches, but overall was a decent brawl. I am glad to see TNA getting behind The Pope already because I really think WWE dropped the ball with him.  ** ¼


5--ODB vs. CODY DEANER -- Knockouts Title match: Despite this being a terrible/tasteless angle, the match was not as bad as I thought it would be, and the right person went over.  * 1/2 



6--Legends champion KEVIN NASH vs. ABYSS -- Legends Title vs. $50,000 bounty: Just really did not work out at all. We all know how limited Nash is these days, so why the heck would they even attempt a match with Abyss? This was: sloppy, overbooked, poorly-thought-out and what I hated the most about it was that the rules were way too lenient for no apparent reason. If you want to use weapons, why just don’t TNA make it a no-dq match? And fire whoever thought that the tazor finish was a good finish. I hate this company.-**


7 -- BEER MONEY vs. BRITISH INVASION vs. TEAM 3D vs. TNA tag team champions SCOTT STEINER & BOOKER T -- LETHAL LOCKDOWN Match: I've seen this same formula of match for pretty much since TNA has existed, and nothing has change. There was no story in this match and no real good violence either. The heels could not really get heat for the beat downs, and the face didn’t not get a big pop for the saves- due to this horrible crowd tonight. This will never be wargames, so they should just stop trying before this match gets out of hand. Ps. TNA should really explain the rules of  the match before the PPV because I really did not even know(and still don’t know) if it was 4 on 4, or 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2. *


8 -- RHINO vs. BOBBY LASHLEY- I completely forgot this match was even on the card, and I can see why. This match was felt like they were just going-through-the-motions. This wasn’t a great way to start  Lashely’s  first PPV match. ½*


9--The Main Event: The Match was good in spots, but there are only so many four-way situations you can set up in a match like this without it becoming stale, and TNA has done way to many matches like this in the past. AJ Styles finally gets the championship and it seems to be they are setting up Sting vs. AJ at BFG. Even though it was a good feeling to see AJ win the belt, I wish it was one on one, rather than in this situation. ** ½



Going Home: I was looking forward to this PPV just because of the new creative team, but sadly when it ended I felt that there were no real new changes. The booking felt exactly the same and we saw the same stuff that we have been seeing hurt TNA for the past years. TNA really needs to learn how to make these wrestlers tell a story in the ring, rather than relying on spots and moves, and they really need to cut down on the interference, run-ins, and the shenanigans in a match. TNA really needs to try to get out of the Impact Zone more. The crowd is really becoming stale with the same old cheers and stupid comments. They need to go to a place where the heels can get heat and the faces can get pop and they need to also book it that way, instead of this even-steven crap.On a positive side, I am really enjoying the announcing for the matches. Instead of yelling and screaming for every move, they are really softly calling the moves, and marking out for the bigger spots, and situations. I would recommend you not to watch this and just wait for Bound For Glory.