Vegas: 2010 Stanley Cup Odds, Playoff Seedings and Thoughts

PuckpassionCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

The Detroit Red Wings are the odds on favorite by Vegas again to win the Stanley Cup at a moneyline of +450. The moneyline of +450 dollars means that is how much you win for every one hundred dollars you bet.

Now this doesn’t mean the Red Wings are who they think will win it all, this just means it is the most popular bet, which is expected because it has been that way for about five years now.

The Penguins come in second with a moneyline of +555. Again, this is expected because they are the Stanley Cup Champs, and I'm sure a very popular bet as well.

To round out the top five they have the Sharks and Blackhawks tied in third place with a moneyline set at +800. The Bruins are in fourth at +900, and then the Capitals are in fifth at +1100. Not much of a surprise to anyone who follows the NHL.

According to the Vegas odds, this is how the seedings in the playoffs would turn out.


Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh Penguins (+555) 2. Boston Bruins (+900) 3. Washington Capitals (+1100) 4. Philadelphia Flyers (+1500) 5. New Jersey Devils (+2000) 6. Carolina Hurricanes (+2600) T6-7. NY Rangers (+2600) 8. Montreal Canadiens (+3000)


Western Conference

1. Detroit Red Wings (+450) 2. San Jose Sharks (+800) 3. Vancouver Canucks (+1800) 4. Chicago Blackhawks (+800) 5. Anaheim Ducks (+1600) 6. Calgary Flames (+2000) 7. St. Louis Blues (+3400) 8. Dallas Stars (+4000)

Click here for complete money lines all teams.

I personally think the best bang for your buck bet outside of the top five is the Hurricanes at +2600. Followed by the Stars at +4000 and then the Blues at +3400. Inside the top five I like the Bruins at +900. I have the Bruins winning it all, so there is no surprise there.

I also think the Flyers at +1500 is a nice line. If I place three bets I'm going with the Bruins, Flyers, and Stars.

Who would you take?