Kansas City Chiefs:A Must Win For The Chiefs

Joe JonesCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2009

With week three around the corner the Kansas City Chiefs are in a must win situation. The Chiefs are one loss from panic mode and must prevail in Philadelphia.

Ok Chiefs fans, As we seen in week one against the Ravens the Chiefs played as about as good as you can ask on defense. As we all know, If the offense was able to complete a couple of scoring drives, The Chiefs would have came away with a victory. 

Brodie Coyle played his heart out but just was not able to put the final touches in at the end. The game went back and fourth but the Chiefs just needed to sustain one long drive to give the defense a rest.

The defense for the Chiefs had to change their whole game plan, As the Ravens went to the air instead of grounding out the ball. The Chiefs defense did hold their ground for a while but ran out of steam in the end. With the Ravens holding the ball for almost 40 minutes something had to give.

The special teams for the Chiefs played in outstanding game and keep them close.

In the Raider game there was no reason why the Chiefs did not come out with a victory. The Chiefs dominated that game on both sides of the ball. But i guess father time was not on there side.

As the Chiefs head in to Philly, They have a better idea of what kind of product to put on the field now and who can do what. As i see it, The Chiefs need to continue playing a fast aggressive physical game like they have been. These bunch of guys the Chiefs has assembled play a very aggressive style of defense that we have not seen in recent years. In my mind they are fast and play with alot of heart. With more time together, They are going to be one heck of a team to score against.

The offense for the Chiefs is heading in the right direction and seems to be capable of moving the ball on the ground and in the air. As Matt Cassel gets more time under his belt he will be able to make better reads. With Bowe and Bradley at the ends and Larry Johnson playing back to form, The Chiefs are going to score alot of points, And need to jump on the Eagles first and fast.

The Chiefs need to draw first blood against the Eagles in order to win this game. There not ready to play catch up football yet. The Chiefs do have the weapons to get it done if they play mistake free football. The Chiefs defense has the power and quickness to saddle Mike Vick and ground there rushing game. All in All, I see the Chiefs coming back to Arrowhead with there first victory of the year and a clearer path to the season ahead as along as they strike first.