Red Bull Air Race: Reporter's Diary Day 2

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IMay 30, 2008

It’s Day 2 of the reporter’s diary, and I’m here in the very nice media centre making my report.

To start off the day, all accredited media were taken to the Detroit City Airport, where the security was certainly not skimpy. At the main tarmac area, the hangars of the different pilots were assembled for show and the pilots were on hand. We were given a greeting by the CEO of the Red Bull Air Race.

After the initial ceremonial greeting, we media had an hour to go around and interview the pilots one-on-one. I was given special permission by championship leader Paul Bonhomme’s engineer to take an up-close look at his plane and took full advantage of it with photos!

As well, I got a chance to talk racing with most of the other pilots. I had never experienced such an open press atmosphere. The pilots were talkative, and I even had a chance to talk Formula One with Mike Goulian!

Once our hour was over, we came back to the media centre in downtown Detroit to enjoy the practice runs by the different pilots we had just talked to, along with lunch in the media centre.

We had a chance to watch the third practice session, but it was cut short due to the fact that high winds were hindering the pilots’ ability to fly properly.

Overall, an interesting day, and I shall be getting prepared now for the media party that’s happening tonight.

See you tomorrow!