Ten Top Tens After Week Four Of College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2009

RALEIGH, NC - SEPTEMBER 3: ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews reports from the sidelines prior to the game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the North Carolina State Wolfpack at Carter-Finley Stadium on September 3, 2009 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Top Ten Teams

1. Florida - And the beat goes on.

2. Texas - Could have scored 100.

3. Alabama - Could this be their year?

4. Boise State - Another game of name your score.

5. Cincinnati - Also going for the most under rated tag.

6. TCU - A big win on the road.

7. Iowa - Leading the Big Ten.

8. Houston - For real.

9. Michigan - Just got it done.

10. LSU - Looking for a place to fall down.


Ten Best Games

1. LSU 30, Mississippi State 26 - A goal line stand.

2. Notre Dame 24, Purdue 21- A drive and a game-winning TD

3. Houston 29, Texas Tech 28 -One of the last was one of the best.

4. Iowa 21, Penn State 10- It was like watching two different games.

5. Georgia 20, Arizona State 17 - Last second field goal.

6. South Carolina 16, Ole Miss 10-Wasn't over until it was over.

7. TCU 14, Clemson 10 - Defensive stand after defensive stand.

8. Boston College 27, Wake Forest 24 - Riley Skinner engineers the comeback only to become the goat.

9. Michigan 36, Indiana 33- Gutsy comeback.

10. New Mexico State 20, New Mexico 17 - Did we expect anything less?


Ten Reasons They Play The Games

1. Oregon 42, Cal 3 - Epic beat down.

2. Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7- I knew Miami getting so much press was just a bad sign.

3. Iowa 21, Penn State 10- Obviously Iowa, like myself, doesn't care what the rankings say.

4. South Florida 17, Florida State 7- Oh my.

5. South Carolina 16, Ole Miss 10- And another star crashes back to earth.

6. Idaho 34, Northern Illinois 31 - Look out, the Vandals are 3-1.

7. Arizona 37, Oregon State 32 - Mild upset in Corvallis

8. TCU 14, Clemson 10 - Clemson was favored in this one.

9. Georgia Tech 24, North Carolina 7 - Another ranked team gets blown out.

10. Texas 64, UTEP 7 -Actually, not sure why they played this game.


Ten Who Had A Good Day

1. Case Keenum-He's just a winner.

2. Kristofer Green-Won my weekly free picking contest going 14-1 against the spread. Won a few hundred bucks and it didn't cost him a dime. Congrats!

3. Darius Marshall- 203 yards and three TD's

4. Marshawn Gilyard - He might be a Heisman candidate.

5. Ryan Williams- So he's VT's backup?

6. Blaine Gabbert - Chase who?

7. A.J. Green- Maybe we can just get it to auto fill his name for this category every week.

8. Jonathan Dwyer - Way to come back after a not so good week.

9. Kerry Meier - This guy never gets any ink.

10. Darius Willis - The Hoosiers put up a game effort.


Ten Mental Notes After Yesterday

1. Never forget the poncho - It was nasty almost everywhere.

2. Never count a winner until the game is over- Air Force, did you take the points?

3. Never say never - Never does happen eventually.

4. Conference games are a different animal- We learn this lesson every year.

5. LSU is the worst cover team-Have been for quite some time.

6. Fresno still can't tackle- This will come in handy later.

7. When they say Marshall they mean Marshall, not Marshall- I'll be sure to remember that.

8. Tim Tebow is human- We wish him the best.

9. Never pick a Ron Zook team to cover anything- What was I thinking?

10. Michigan State is pathetic-Thankfully I had that written down ahead of time.


Ten Teams Who Are Improved From Last Year

1. Houston- They can tackle now.

2.Indiana-Downright respectable.

3. Michigan- Already more wins.

4. Stanford-Half way to bowl eligibility.

5. Nebraska- Look very good.

6. Alabama- Scary thought.

7. Georgia - Stafford leaving was a blessing.

8. Auburn - Undefeated at 4-0.

9. UCLA - Bowl team?

10. Wisconsin - Not good but not horrible.


It Sucks To Be You

1. Ron Zook- You're fired

2. Riley Skinner- You blew it.

3. Bobby Bowden-Could have been playing shuffleboard somewhere.

4. Dan Hawkins-If you would have only stayed at Boise.

5. Mark Dantonio- Your old team looks headed towards another BCS bowl and your team stinks.

6. Brady Hoke- You got nothing.

7. Sam Bradford-Taking a serious pay cut before ever getting his first paycheck.

8. Ralph Friedgen-It's painful for us to watch as well.

9. Aaron Corp-AKA Wally Pipp.

10. Tommy West - Not a good year and not getting better.


Ten Things I Couldn't Care Any Less About

1. Top 25 Ranking lists-The more of them I see, the more I think people need to find a new topic.

2. Game recap articles - We have some giant news sites and some newspapers who are better at this stuff.

3. Articles by people who never leave comments or answer comments- I guess we should be honored to read your drivel.

4. Articles people leave links to on my wall-If you haven't commented on one of my articles recently seriously don't waste your time.

5. People who advertise their articles in comment sections of other people's articles- This is SPAM as far as I'm concerned.

6. People who send me PM's about articles they have written-Maybe I should start doing this for articles on my site since I do about 80 a week so you can see how I feel.

7. People who use abusive language in comments- Get a life.

8. People who think I have an emotional attachment to teams in my picks-You got the wrong guy and the wrong idea.

9. Fantasy Football- How sick are you of this garbage?

10. Watching games with people who play fantasy football-"I'm happy my team scored but i'm playing against my team's QB but i have the guy who caught the ball in my other league but i'm playing against a guy who has the other teams defense"...ugh!


Ten Reasons College Football Is Better Than Pro Football

1. Clock stops after a first down-The way God intended it to be.

2. The players always try-You never hear about a college player taking plays off.

3. Traditional rivalries-If you don't get it check back with me in November.

4. Marching bands-Music, but much less dancing.

5. The Option-While we're at it, who doesn't love the toss sweep?

6. Comebacks-You never see comebacks in the NFL like you see in college football.

7. Conference play-One game against each other one time a year for all the marbles.

8. 120 teams vs. 32 teams-More teams equal more games. Simple math really.

9. Coaching stability-How many coaches last more than a few years with an NFL team?

10. Erin Andrews- End of argument.


Ten Games Of Interest For Next Week

1. Oklahoma at Miami-Loser is out of the title hunt.

2. USC at Cal- Loser goes home.

3. LSU at Georgia - That's what I'm talking about.

4. Auburn at Tennessee- Just another Saturday in the SEC.

5. Michigan at Michigan State - Should be a real love in.

6. Wisconsin at Minnesota - This one may figure in at the end of the season.

7. Ohio State at Indiana-May not be as bad as it sounds.

8. Air Force at Navy-We're talking Commander In Chief's Trophy implications.

9. UCLA at Stanford - Who is for real?

10. Ole Miss at Vandy- Could be a dandy.




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