Philadelphia 76ers New Uniforms: What's Old Is Officially New Again

MR. MARKCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

It's been known throughout the entire offseason, but it's sealed in stone now.

The 76ers are officially done with the jerseys that Allen Iverson made famous, opting to go back with the more traditional colors of their past.

While it may resemble previous incarnations of Philadelphia's past uniforms, the latest jerseys are completely different than any other used by Philly before. (Notice the bold blue trimming and seemless white lettering/numbering)

Last year, they occasionally used an alternate road jersey which was very similair to the one above. The only difference being a "Phila" insignia across the chest, rather than the "Sixers" logo that the team will wear from now on.

While I'm not ready to say that these are better than the previous uni's, they definitely capture the essence of the old and the new.

While the last jerseys reeked of Allen Iverson's "what could of, should of, would of", the new uniforms ooze a nostalgic vibe of Dr. J. and Sir Charles.

Who knows, maybe they'll even remind us of Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young when all is said and done.

With all that said however, it's also time to pay homage to the dazzle and flash of the 76ers' last uniforms. 

They've always been disliked for one reason or another, but they perfectly represented the time frame of the 2000's. The bold jerseys of the 90's were replaced by the flashy uniforms of the early 2000's, and none the more flashy than those of the 76ers.

The last 76ers uniforms flawlessly represents the post Michael Jordan Era, where Carter, McGrady, Kobe, and A.I. took the league by storm. It seemed like all the kids easily forgot about Jordan, opting for a flashy 76ers Iverson jersey instead.

It's hard to just forget about the Philly's "bling bling" themed uniforms in which Iverson won 3 scoring titles, won an MVP, and a trip to the NBA Finals.

Nevertheless, all good things (or bad things, as many of you detest the old jerseys) must come to an end.

It's uncertain if the 76ers will make the playoffs this season, but atleast they'll look good with their new retro styled look.