Where do we go from here?

Craig SilverContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Head coach John Fox of the Carolina Panthers against the Atlanta Thrashers at Georgia Dome on September 20, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

                 For the record; I am a DIE HARD Panthers fan.  Have been since they started back in ’95, and will be till I die.  I am not a “Jake hater”.  After 3 losses since the season began, bringing the total to 8 consecutive losses (including pre-season and last years playoff game), something has got to give.  I have backed Jake up for a long time, but I think it might be time to look to Matt Moore.  I’m not saying that Matt is the answer to the problem, but 9 turnovers to 2 TDs is not a good stat for ANY quarterback.  Fox needs to coach like his job depends on it (it just might at the rate the season is going).  Moore is by no means a great QB.  But he does seem to be a good game manager (when he’s not thrown into a game in the 4th quarter down by 21).  His starting record is 2-1 and that 1 loss was to Dallas and that was a pretty close game.  Give Matt a chance to see if he has what it takes to turn things around. 

Fox is saying that this is no time to panic; I think agree to a point.  However if he plans on keeping Jake in the starting line up, then this is the perfect time to panic.  You have not won a game since December last year, why would you go on acting as if nothing is wrong?  “It is what it is” “Picked a bad day to have a bad day” where does he get these from?  It’s absolutely maddening!  I want a coach who can get upset and say it like it is without having to give the same 1 liner every time he’s asked a question.  I want a coach who can say “This is where we went wrong…” or “This is what needs to be done…” 

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if I were Fox, I’d trade off Peppers to the Lions or Raiders and see if I couldn’t get a 2ND round pick.  Oh come on, do you really thing after 3 games Peppers has shown himself to be worth the trade for a 1st round pick?  Yeah that would be optimal, but I don’t see anyone willing to risk a 1st round pick on him.  In the past 2 games Peppers has 4 tackles…  Is he really worth $500k a tackle?  I would then put Everette Brown in and see what skills we have with him.

I know that it seems like I’m just ranting by this point, but honestly I’m mad.  I’m still a fan and will always back up my team, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the way the things are going, and at this rate I’m thinking we’ll be lucky to be 4-12 this year.  The unfortunate thing is that we won’t have a 1st round pick in next years draft to make up for it all.  These are drastic suggestions I'm sure, but at 0-3, something has to change...  Am I wrong?