Is It Time For VY in Tennessee?

Sean GreyContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 3: Vince Young #10 of the Tennessee Titans looks on against the Green Bay Packers during a preseason NFL game at LP Field on September 3, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans beat the Packers 27-13. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

The Titans are 3 games into the season and too much surprise of everyone in the league, they are 0-3. Could that mean that it is time for VY to come out of his hole and be the QB that the Titans need him to be? I say, yes. It is time to put the guy you pay the big bucks back in the game.

I understand that Tennessee had a good thing going last year. They were on a roll. Therefore, I can understand why Jeff Fisher didn't want to rock the boat by putting Vince back in the game after the problems he had. The Titans were winning, so why change anything. That was last season.

This season is going the same way. The Titans aren't winning. In fact, they haven't won a game yet. This season could very well be over for the Titans if they fall to 0-4. So, if things can't get any worse, let’s see if Vince is going to come out of his shell.

In the first 3 games of the season Kerry Collins has thrown 4 interceptions and has a passer rating of only 69.9. Yes, I said his passer rating is 69.9. I am rather confident that Vince Young could put up numbers equal to that. Are the Titans not eager to find out what Vince has left in the tank after his crazy episode last season? Play the guy! If he is terrible, then the Titans will know that they can trade him or let him go.

I understand that the Titans are a running team and that their wide receivers aren't all that great. I understand that they use Kerry Collins as a "game manager", but it is not working. The boat needs to be rocked. Start VY in week 4 and see if there is a spark.