New F1 Video Game in the Hands Of Codemasters

Alexander PettittContributor IJanuary 23, 2017

Well the time we have all been waiting for has all arrived...We will finally be getting our grubby paws on another action packed F1 game in the not to distant future. Codemasters were handed over the exclusive rights to produce the video game after lengthy talks on the 30th of May 2008..But what can we expect from a company most of us haven't heard of??


Well, when CEO Rod Cousens was asked why he believed his Codemasters won the rights, he replied by saying that his company had had much experience with racing games in the past producing titles like Colin McRae, and TOCA (touring cars). With this in mind...maybe we do have a game to look forward to.


I think i can speak for everyone who played the last edition of an F1 game, and say that Sony did a pretty damn good job of it...not only were the graphics good, the game-play was also excellent, and on-line play was a laugh a minute. But can Codemaster really put one up on the famous Sony??

Well here's a few things you can look forward to in the game. Firstly, its said that we are only going to have to wait a year, so i guess that's something to be happy about. Secondly don't ask why...but the game is said also to be available on Nintendo that is going to be a laugh!!

Thirdly, its expected that the most notifying thing about the game will be car damage...its set to me more life like than ever...happy days :)

Any finally....yes don't panic....there is going to be on-line play....and the little elves back at Codemaster are working very hard to produce a thrilling on-line experience with a few twists :)


So, what have we all learnt today?? Well that Sony just got their arses kicked by Codemaster, and that in a years time, all us game freaks will hopefully (something bound to go wrong) be playing the new f1 game. So start save up your pocket money now!!