Hell In a Cell Predictions

Kyle MoCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2009






United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Miz vs. Jack Swagger


·         Thoughts on the match:  It kind of feels like what every US title match has been- a spot fest. While all three men are pretty decent in the ring.I still do not expect this to be anything remarkable.


·         What I would do:  While Kofi has done an okay job with the title; I think I would put the title on Swagger. Ever since Swagger has come to Raw, he really feels like he hasn’t really done much, other then to be stuck in the shuffle. The US title could really make him stick out booked properly.


·         What will most likely happen: I see them milking this out more, and properly make Kofi pin Miz to set up Swagger vs. Kofi at a later time.



                WWE Divas Title Match: Mickie James© vs. Alicia Fox




·         Thoughts on the match: Just a quick show of hands, who is looking forward to this match? Anybody? Yeah, that is what I thought. No one really cares about this match, feud, or title, so couldn’t they have just waited and put Ryder vs. Christian’s good ECW match on this, instead of on TV?


·         What I would do: The title needs to get off of Mickie James, since she has done nothing with it, but on the other hand Fox isn’t a person who I want to have the title, either. So keep it on Mickie James, while punching my self in the face.


·         What will most likely happen:  I see Mickie James holding on to the title, and then doing pretty much shit after.



                       WWE IC Title Match: John Morrison © vs. Dolph Ziggler

·         Thoughts on the match:  I am really looking forward to this match. I think they have slowly built it up nicely, and I hope Morrison and Ziggler can deliver like they have been lately by putting on great matches.



·         What I would do: I’d give Morrison the win here, but I would try to make Ziggler look good enough for another title shot.



·         What will most likely happen:  They seem to like Morrison, so most likely he will be going over here, setting up a rematch with Ziggler. The only problem with that is how are they going to make him lose a midcard title, and make him seem credible for the World Heavy Weight title?



          Unified Tag Team Title Match: Chris Jericho and The Big Show © vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio



Thoughts on the match:  I like how they built this one up, also. I think as long as we don’t see much of Big Show and Batista in the ring, this could be a good solid tag match. I am also happy that they finally got a decent tag team that stands a chance against JeriShow.



  •      What I would do: Even though I want to get the titles off of Big Show and Jericho because I want to see Jericho in the main event on Raw; I would give them the win here because I really do not see who Batista and Rey could challenge after. So, I would have Big Show do the punch on Rey, and let Jericho pin him. I would then like to see them build up Jerichoshow vs. DX and then maybe they drop the titles there.


  • What will most likely happen: I think what I said will pretty much happen. I see them punishing Rey by making him lose his first match back.



                        Hell in a Cell Match: DX vs. Legacy


·         Thoughts on the match:  Yet again, I like the build to this match. I think right now this is the hottest feud going right now in the WWE, and I see them delivering another good solid match, but I am crossing my fingers for some blood.


·         What would I do: Since Ted’s movie is coming out, and they are going to want him to promote it; I obviously see him turning face. With that being said; I would put over DX in this situation, and then build them towards a feud with Jericho and Show. I would make Cody Rhodes eat the pin here, but later point fingers at Ted and later turn Cody on Ted. SWERVE! But please…

“Don't call me Dusty Rhodes, not fit to
The picture kept will remind me
Don't call me Ed Ferrera, not fit to
The picture kept will remind me
Don't call me Vince Mcmahon, not fit to
The picture kept will remind me
Don't call me Eric Bischoff,not fit to be
The picture kept will remind me
but never ever, ever call me RUSSO!

The picture will remind me…




  • What will happen:  I see them ending this feud and putting DX over, and getting their Bob Barker vengeance on Legacy.




           World Heavy Weight Championship: Cm Punk vs. Undertaker (HITC)


  • Thoughts on the match: What I thought was going to be an excellent feud, has turned into a borderline tragedy. Everything in this feud has been a total let down, but I actually see them putting on a good match here. ‘Taker is always good in this type of match and Punk is good in anything. No blood in this structure could have a slight impact, but Edge and Taker did okay with no blood.


  • What I would do:  For me, this would be a perfect time to put over Punk against ‘Taker, because one: this is ‘Taker specialty match, and two: Punk could cheat and yet it wouldn’t matter because it is under HITC rules. So, this could be the best time to elevate Cm Punk from good to greatness.


  • What will likely happen: Undertaker will pick up the win here, and make Punk look like he doesn’t even belong in the ring with someone like ‘Taker; kind of like they did at Breaking Point. Punk will later get his rematch, and then Taker and Batista match down the road.




                        WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Randy Orton (HITC)


·         Thoughts on the match:  While I can not bank on it, but  I think this will main event. Therefore this might suffer from Lockdown syndrome- which is way too many cage matches in a row. This feud really is getting old, so I just hope it ends. I do not expect really much out of this match. It will probably end with some unsatisfying spot on top of the cage.



·         What would I do:  If I was booking for WWE, I would feel like I was buried in a whole and would have extreme circumstances in the way. If  I put over Cena, what heel is ready to feud with him on Raw? If I put over Orton, he has to face Cena in another rematch. I would be in a fucking hole that seems nearly impossible to get out of. Since there is like no heels even close to main event status I guess I would have to suck it up and put the title on Orton.



·         What will happen:  I am really 50-50 on this one because I do not know the logical thing to do here. But I see WWE keeping the title on there money maker- John Cena.




  Going home: Looking at this card, it just seems like the same card I have been seeing repetitively for months now, just with a little more spice WWE puts on the card, so people will order the almost exact same card they did last month. I will watch this ppv, but not live. I will find it on some torrent and likely download it. I much rather watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage, rather than watching this show. If you can find a feed, I guess watch it, but defiantly don’t pay 40 bucks for this. Take the Mrs. or Mr. out for a decent dinner for 40 bucks, instead.