Ten Top Tens After Week Five Of College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IOctober 5, 2009

Top Ten Teams

1. Florida-The defending champs enjoy their final week as number one.

2. Alabama-The next number one.

3. Texas-Could be number one.

4. LSU-Going to beat number one.

5. Boise-Would be number one if they played in a better conference.

6. TCU-Their defense is number one.

7. Cincinnati-Would be an unlikely number one.

8. Iowa-If they remain undefeated they will be number one.

9. Auburn-Five games in and five wins.

10. South Florida-Stronger at QB than they were?


Top Ten Games of Week Five

1. LSU 20, Georgia 13 - Football the way it was supposed to be played

2. Michigan State 26, Michigan 20-This game had it all.

3. Miami 21, Oklahoma 20- U gotta believe.

4. Notre Dame 37, Washington 30- Another nail biter for the Irish.

5. Navy 16, Air Force 13- Had a feeling about this one.

6. Northwestern 27, Purdue 21-Nice comeback.

7. Toledo 37, Ball State 30-It aint over til it's over.

8. Iowa 24, Arkansas State 21-Can anyone figure out Iowa?

9. Wisconsin 31, Minnesota 28- Nice Axe.

10. Kansas State 24, Iowa State 23 -Blocked extra point.


Ten Head Scratchers

1. Virginia 16, North Carolina 3- Huh?

2. UTEP 58, Houston 41- Didn't see this coming.

3. Maryland 24, Clemson 21-A big surprise.

4. UAB 30, Southern Miss 17-Avenging the 56 point loss a year ago.

5. Wyoming 30, FAU 28 -The Cowboys are 3-2.

6. Iowa 24, Arkansas State 21-How is this so close?

7. Virginia Tech 34, Duke 26-This game was even closer than the score.

8. Tulane 17, Army 16-Can't figure either of these teams out.

9. Kansas State 24, Iowa State 23- How do you miss an extra point?

10. Michigan State 26, Michigan 20-Not the game but the fake punt.


Ten Teams With A Loss That Could Be In If There Were Playoffs.

1. Ohio State-Playing as well as anyone.

2. USC-Still just a ton of talent.

3. Virginia Tech-Good coaching still goes a long way.

4. Miami-Could be the team to beat next year.

5. Penn State-Always a factor.

6. Notre Dame-The TV networks choice.

7. Stanford-A very good team.

8. Oregon-Just look like a different team than the one that lost.

9. Nebraska-Clawing their way back into it.

10. Ole Miss-Will have their chances to play into it.


Ten Things To Talk About This Week

1. Tim Tebow's health- When is a game just a game?

2. No Olympics in Chicago-YIPPEE!!!!!! We don't have to pay for it.

3. Celebration Rules- These are getting silly.

4. Baseball Playoffs-Why not?

5. The Weather-Getting a little chilly.

6. The Perfect Brownie-Still hunting for an imperfect Brownie.

7. Breast Cancer Awareness-I think the NFL has got this right.

8. Who is the worst coach-One vote here for Ron Zook.

9. Who is the best coach-One vote here for Frank Beamer.

10. What do we do about Boise?-Maybe this is what it will take to get a playoff.


Ten Guys Who Earned It This Week

1. Kirk Cousins-Took a physical beating.

2. Jacory Harris-In one week, out the next, and in the next after that.

3. Charles Scott-Powerful running.

4. Taylor Mays-One of the best overall.

5. Jimmy Clausen-Has even the haters taking notice.

6. Toby Gerhart-Will be a household name shortly.

7. John Clay-32 carries, three touchdowns.

8. Javarris James-Sliced up the Oklahoma defense.

9. Golden Tate-Absolutely off the chart.

10. Noel Devine-Faster than a speeding bullet.


Ten Best Spots On The Web

1. The Sports Chat Place-What did you expect me to say?

2. Bleacher Report-What did we do before?

3. First and Big Ten-Got to support the fellow Bleacher Creatures.

4. Google-What's not to like?

5. Scout.com-These guys have gotten huge

6. CBS Sports-They have been good to us.

7. Fox Sports-They have been good to us as well.

8. Matt Sarz-An absolute must every Saturday for a college football fan.

9. Yaro Starak-A shameless plug for my friend and Blogging mentor.

10. Blog Talk Radio-My show is Picks and Parlays, Tuesday night at 7 PM EST.


Ten Documented Preseason Predictions I Made

1. The ACC will finish with two teams in the top 10-Still a good chance.

2. Duke, Baylor, and Washington will all go to a bowl game- Two out of three?

3. Michigan will beat Ohio State-Going to have to play well but they have a chance.

4. Florida State would be the first ranked team to fall to an unranked team- Nailed it.

5. LSU at Alabama on November 7th will be the biggest game of the year-Very well could be.

6. Bryce Beall would lead the nation in rushing-Probably not.

7. Mike Stoops would be gone by the end of the season-Maybe, maybe not.

8. USC would win the Pac-10 again-Looks like a showdown with the Ducks.

9. Florida wouldn't repeat as National Champions-Who knows?

10. Stanford would be last in the Pac-10-Not even close.


Ten Things That Reminded Me Why I Love College Football

1. A classic played "Between the Hedges"-College Football at its finest.

2. Paul Bunyon's Axe-How cool is that?

3. The Paul Bunyon Trophy-So what if it looks like a garden gnome.

4. Joe Pa-I hope he never retires.

5. Notre Dame fight song-Couldn't tell you one word of it but it's a great one.

6. Rocky Top-Like it or not it's a big part of the game.

7. The playoff atmosphere-Every game is a playoff.

8. The Commander in Chief Trophy -The older I get the more I appreciate it.

9. Effort-You see it from every player every play.

10. Miami's entrance-Still one of the best in the game.


Top Ten Games For Next Week

1. Florida at LSU-We've been waiting for this one.

2. Alabama at Ole Miss-Should be a monster.

3. Wisconsin at Ohio State-This goes a long way for both teams.

4. Nebraska at Missouri-How about two ranked teams on a Thursday?

5. Michigan at Iowa-Would have never thought a month ago this would be big.

6. Georgia at Tennessee-The college football lovers special.

7. Oregon at UCLA-This is getting interesting.

8. Stanford at Oregon State-Two solid teams and two super running backs.

9. TCU at Air Force-Could be a good one in the Mountain West.

10. Boston College at Virginia Tech-Seems to be the ACC Title Game every year.


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