Hell In a Cell Full Review

Kyle MoCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009


                                                HELL IN A CELL REVIEW:


CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker – World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell

This is pretty weird match to start out the PPV.  Taker starts out sending Punk to the floor quickly and beating down Punk around on the cage. Taker attempts a leg drop on the apron; then, methodically gets in the ring.


Punk dropkicks Taker in the cage, and then hits a suicide dive on Taker, against the cage. Punk goes for a GTS, but Taker gets out, and goes for a Tombstone. Punk gets out of it and drop-kicks Taker in the knee.


Punk gets a chair, and bashes Taker on the head, but only gets a two-count. Taker in the corner and Punk goes after the knee, but UT reverses and hits the Last Ride, but only gets a two fall.


Taker goes Old School, but Punk nails a knee into Takers gut and gets two. Punk charges with the chair again, but Taker puts his boot up. Takes nails a Choke Slam then attempts and gets the Tombstone for the victory. (10:00)


Thoughts: The crowd was red hot for the match; half wanted Taker to win, half wanted Punk to win. The match it self was a pretty decent opener, with nice wrestling for the time it got. But the problem with the match was that they really made Punk look like he didn’t even belong with someone like Taker, again. This makes me wonder if Punk was just a paper champion after all.**




John Morrison (c) vs. Dolph ZigglerWWE Intercontinental Championship   



 The match starts off going back and forth. Morrison attempts a Starship Pain early, but can’t connect. Later, they start brawling and Ziggler gets the advantage. Morrison goes for a regular suplex , but Dolph gets away and rolls up Morrison, but doesn’t get the three count, because he had a handful of tights; Dolph proceeds to argue with the ref, and with the distraction Morrison almost pins Dolph.


Morrison goes for his slingshot kick, but Dolph ducks, and hits a German Suplex with the bridge for a two count. Dolph hits the Fameasser for a two count. Dolph throws Morrison to the turnbuckle, then charges.

Morrison gets a boot up, and nails Dolph. Morrison goes for another Starship Pain, but Dolph is up quick, and shoves Morrison to the mat. Dolph goes for the zig-zag, but Morrison holds on to the ropes, and Dolph hits the mat. Morrison hits a knee to Dolph’s head, and then hits Starship Pain for the three. (16:00)


Thoughts: Good amount of energy, action and spots to keep the crowd interested. It will be interesting to see how WWE books Ziggler from this point on. ***




Mickie James (c) vs. Alicia Fox – WWE Diva’s Championship


Mickie picks up the win a DDT (5:00)


Thoughts: When I review a match, I try to pick out the important things in the match, as you can see nothing really important happen in this match. Alica Fox is no where near a PPV match and Mickie James has been dull and a pretty bad worker ever since the Trish feud ended. ¼*



Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs. Rey Mysterio & Batista – WWE Unified Tag Team Championships


Mysterio and Batista start out being down Jericho. Jericho finally gets Show in. Show laughs at Rey, because he thinks he can “handle” Big Show. Show puts him on the top rope, and then torso chops him.  


Batista levels Jericho, and then hits Show off the apron. Batista hits Jericho with a Slam for two. Show is back in, and he confuses Batista, and Jericho hits Batista with the Code-breaker for twp. Show comes in, and hits Batista with a Choke Slam, but Mysterio saves Batista. Batista gets a hot tag, and he going roid rage. Show charges, but Rey counters and sends him over the top rope.

Jericho comes in and attacks Mysterio, but Mysterio drop toe holds him on the rope, and goes for the 619, but Jericho moves, but Mysterio hits Show. Jericho then attacks Mysterio again, but Mysterio back body drops him onto Show, on the floor. Show catches Jericho, but Batista spears Big Show, while he holds Jericho. Rey sets up Show for a 619, and hits it, but while he jumps off the rope, Big Show nails the big punch for a three.(14:00)


Thoughts: Realistic tag match, where everyone had great ring role, and told a story, with common sense. I am glad Jericshow won here, as they should, but like I said earlier, I hope they get the titles off them soon, or a later. ***



John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton (HITC) WWE Championship




Orton nails Cena, and tries to get out of the cell, but Cena follows him at the door, and they start going fist for fist. Back in the ring, Cena goes for a FU, but Orton slides away. Cena goes for a shoulder, but misses, and Orton throws him outside.



Orton sends Cena’s shoulder into the ring-steps. Orton puts t the steps in the ring, and pulls Cena through the ropes, and goes for the DDT on the steps, but Cena escapes. Cena sends Orton to the floor; then tosses the ring-steps toward Orton near the cage, but Orton moves. Cena gets Orton back in the ring, and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but gets only a two-count.


 Cena goes for a FU, but Orton slides out and hits the backbreaker. Orton is attempting for an RKO, but Cena shoves him off and hits the FU for two. Cena is alarmed, but puts Orton on the turnbuckle, and goes for a top rope FU, but Orton slides though, and goes underneath Cena, and drops him in the Electric Chair Drop.


Orton gets a chair, and stabs Cena in the back of the neck with the end of the chair, viciously. Orton leaves Cena’s head on the chair, and goes for a big time knee drop, but Cena rolls out of the way, and Orton goes knee first on the chair.

Cena locks on the STFU, but Orton gets to the ropes. Orton slides under the ropes, and chokes up Cena on the bottom rope, but Cena lets go and pulls Orton back to the middle of the ring. Cena tries to get Orton again in the STFU, but Orton kicks Cena back, and hits the ref.


Cena quickly locks on the STFU on again, and Orton is tapping out, but the ref is out the floor. Cena goes out and pulls the ref back in the ring, but turns around into an RKO for only two. Orton puts Cena up in the top ropes, and then chokes out Cena.



The ref frees Cena out of the ropes, while Orton is setting up for the punt; Orton drills the punt to Cena’s skull and gets a pin over Cena. (21:00)


Thoughts: The match started off like a typical Orton match, methodical,but picked up nicely over the course of the building segments on the match. Everything Cena and Orton did, had a direct purpose behind it. Orton and Cena finally brought something to the table this time around, and surprised me. Sometimes, I think Orton is a sub-par worker, but when he is booked right, as a psycho path killer, rather than a chicken heel; he works a lot better in the ring. So, I guess I can almost blame the booking, instead of Orton. ** 3/4




R-Truth vs. Drew MacIntyer


Drew wins with a double arm DDT (4:00)


Thoughts: This was booked to death, by being so high in the card, and also, being right after a big title match. The crowd really never gave this a chance, and chanted boring only 60 seconds into it. This match served it purpose of giving Drew MacIntyer a slight “rub”, but that is all this did. ½*




Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger – US Championship


Swagger hits Miz with the Doctor Bomb, then Kofi comes in with Trouble in Paradise to Swagger’s head. Kofi then pins Miz. (8:00)


Thoughts: Much like the last match, the spot where this was placed was hard to live up to the expectations. They did as much as they could under these circumstances, but it just came off as a typical TV match. * ½





Legacy attacks DX from behind, and takes the early advantage. They then brawl around for a while, but then Rhodes quickly gets HBK in side the HITC and locks it up. HHH is beating down Dibiase at the top of the stage, but Rhodes nails him with a fist wrapped with the chain.


Legacy hits a Double DDT on the top of the stage, and Rhodes follows it up with the Cross-Rhodes. HHH is now out down outside the cage. HHH then attempts to get into the Cell, but can’t get in.


HHH tells HBK that he can not get in the cage, and he walks to the back. Legacy then pulls HBK in the ring. Rhodes holds a chair in HBK’s face and Rhodes drop-kicks it. Rhodes locks HBK in a Figure 4 around the ring-post. HHH then has a tool and tries breaking the chain.


 HHH gets in the ring, and goes roid rage on Legacy. While the ref is trying to put on the chain, HHH stops him, and grabs the chain, and then nails Ted in the face with it, while Cole asks Ted how it felt.


HBK drags Dibiase out of the Cell, and they lock the door, leaving Rhodes alone with DX. HHH places Rhodes’s head in a chair, and HBK comes off the top rope with an elbow drop on the chair. HHH then gets his sledgehammer, and DX hits a Superkick/Sledge combo to get the win. (18:00)


Thoughts:This match reminded me of Wargames, whereas the heels would get the distinct advantage over the face, with a 2-1 beat-down, but then the other face would eventually get in the cage, and beat up the heels, which leads to the face victory.

It was a decent brawl and had a good beat downs, but the main problem with the match was that it was very fictional; Legacy beat up HBK enough to get an easy pin fall over him, while HHH was gone. Instead they dragged it out, while they obviously knew that HHH was going to get some object to attempt to open the cage. ** ¾






Going Home:  The booking was really abnormal tonight, but I can see why they booked it this way; they booked it spread out, because they didn’t want an overkill affect on the viewer by forcing them to watch the same gimmick in a row.


They also booked DX vs. Legacy as the main-event, because it had a “feel good” moment, with the faces overcoming the odds, instead of Randy Orton closing the PPV. I will not defend the booking for Punk vs. Taker; while the match wasn't bad, the booking was stupid.


 The fact that they gave this match ten minutes, because Taker is still injured is illogical, but not only did they give it short time, they also gave Taker the title, and made Punk look weak in the making. I really thought that this feud would give that extra boost that would officially elevate Punk from good to greatness, but instead it just affected Punk’s credibility he established over the past few months.




The PPV overall was mildly solid, but could have done without added filler. Instead of having matches like: R-Truth-Drew, and the women’s match (which could have been put on tv), they could have added some time to the matches that needed it.



Very mild recommendation

PS. I went 7/8 on my predictions, not bad :)



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