Road to The Riches: A Daily Account Of My New Job As a Poker Pro

Tony RoseContributor IOctober 8, 2009

Day 1


Last night I officially started my professional poker career and the first step the my goal of becoming the first person the make a billion dollars from playing poker. What did I start my bank with you ask? I deposited 100 dollars into the Full Tilt Poker account and away I went.

I started out playing 1/2 no limit hold em, I'm partial to hold em although I am a fan of Omaha, Stud and sadistically Razz. Anyway, after about an hour of play I found myself down to 40 dollars left. Not the kind of start I was looking for to say the least and I have to admit some doubt started to creep into my mind.

I have been playing for fun on facebook through an application created by Zynga. There I started with 1000 play chips and in about six months I found myself with about 20 million chips, four months after that I had a billion and a couple of weeks later I reached my peak of 3.2 billion. Naturally I thought to myself, if I can do it here then why not for real?

OK, back to real money. I decided to take my 26 bucks of my 40 and play a 24+2 sit & go with 45 entrants. For those that do not know what that means 24 dollars is for the pot and 2 dollars go to the site. Ever wonder how Internet site owners become billionaires? That's how. Hundreds of thousands of people playing tournaments all day every day and there are of course much bigger entries than that. Some with 200 per player going to the site. What the hell am I thinking, that what I should be trying to do, OWN a site, not play on it.

Anyway, in this tourny the top 6 places cashed and I felt that if I am not good enough to come in at least sixth out of only 45 people then I wasn't worthy of being a professional poker player so it was put up or shut up time for me. Cashes ranged from $410.40 for the winner to $54 for sixth place.  So here I go.

Not a bad start winning my first couple of hands, but I soon found myself short stacked, meaning I was and in 10th with ten people left, so I know that I have to make some moves in order to cash. I get a couple of good starting hands in a row and end up winning moving me up to 7th and I'm feeling good then boom, a beat beat on the river. A short stacked player went all in with AK and i called with pocket tens, of course he hit the Ace on the river, now I'm in 10th again.

I basically just play tight only playing pocket pairs and A10 and above. This goes on for about another 45 minutes so I'll just fast forward.  I play well and now am in 3rd with 3 people left.....didn't see that coming did you? Then you really wouldn't see this coming, I end up winning knocking out the second place guy with a river Ace I end up with a bigger full house (poker is brutal like that) and I basically boringly and methodically dwindle down the last player until he is forced to go all in with K10, I won with an unimpressive Ace high.




Just in case you though I might be making up that I actually won my first tourny. This is how it looks in the tournament history log:



110816203Oct 04 04:14ET$24 + $2 Sit & Go $24.00 + $2451$410.40 


They go by military time so that was at 4:14 AM. I think the game took about 2 hours. I was still buzzing from my win so I decided to play a 2/4 NL Hold 'Em table.  I lost a few hand in a row so I decided to call it a night.  I ended day 1 with my bankroll at $392.10.  A profit of $292.10, not bad for a beginner.  

I'll be updating you daily on my efforts.  As you can see this was on October 4th, so we are in delay mode.  I e-mail myself the days record and just today decided to share my progress with you guys so that is where the delay comes from, just think of it as a mini World Series of Poker.....very mini!


See ya tomorrow.