Road to The Riches: A Daily Account Of My New Job As a Poker Pro, Day 3

Tony RoseContributor IOctober 10, 2009

So here we are at the end of day 3 and it was another up and down day for me.  I played relatively well and most of time got my money in with the best hand before I took a bad beat in my tournaments which is really all anyone can do in this game. I did however bounce back from my loses with wins in my cash games.

I seem to be developing a pattern so far. Lose money overall in the tourney's and make it back and go up in the cash games. One might think that I should only play in the cash games based on my revelation, maybe that's what I will do one of these days for a whole day. I do love the sit & go's though.

The highlight...and low light of my day was placing fourth in 90 player $12 + $1 KO sit & go.  I am kind of feeling these KO games.  In this one in particular you get two dollars for everyone that you knock out along the way, they also have similar tourny's where you get five bucks if you know out a pro called the pro player bounty.

Anyway, I got $99 for placing fourth and made an additional $12 for the people I knocked out along the way.  The reason why I say it was also my "low light" is because I was the chip leader when it was 4 to go.  I lost with my pocket aces to trip Jacks, he went all in with KJ and got there on the river. I lost another big chunk when I over bet my Queens with a King kicker, he had Queens with an Ace kicker.  Imagine that.

The knock out blow for me was going up against the chip leader. I went all in with Pocket Queens after he re-raised my raise, he had pocket Kings and took the pot and I ended in fourth.  I was happy to come in fourth but would have been a lot happier with the $288 dollar win.

After a day of mostly downs and my bank falling to $301 that win helped me end the day with a bank of $601.75. That's down $5.15 from the day before but I'll take it. I'll see you guys tomorrow, hopefully with better news for you! I would put in my tourney history but it doesn't seem to translate well to this format, sorry.