Fantasy Booker: If You Had The Power What Would You Do?

Alaa ElSharifContributor IOctober 11, 2009

If you're the diehard wrestling fan that I am, you have no doubt experienced the urge to get out of your chair and yell at the television (or computer) screen proclaiming the stupidity of it all...! 

Some of today's rosters seem so shallow, and a lot of the booking is just so unimaginative and really lacking of inspiration. That its plain dull at times, don't you think?

Haven't you ever wished you could see a Chris Jericho for instance on iMPACT, Sting making an appearance on Raw, Austin Aries walking down the aisle on Smackdown, or R-Truth prancing in an ROH ring just to spice things up and make them more exciting?

You think you know better than the powers that be in the top 3 promotions in the world today? Well, now is your chance to put your money where mouth is!

It's simple: just send me your ideas, dreams, and fantasies.

This is fantasy booking where there are no promotional guide lines so anything goes. Which collection of wrestlers would you make your roster out of?

Who would be your top guy? Your top heel? Which tag teams would you put together?  The leading people in the industry may just be reading your opinions posted here so I urge you to make this shot count!

I'm looking forward to your posts. Until then, take care.