"Hockey Season: Who Doesn't Love The Smell Of Blood On Ice?!"

heidi altermanContributor IOctober 13, 2009

Hockey season. The beginning of cold, crisp weather. The promise of excitement. The hunger for the cup...and, might I add, blood!

The tingle in your tummy when you see the first skate's front blade stab hard into the ice.

The looks to your friends, left and right, trying to gauge if they also see the glimpse of a first fight! The anticipation builds, the tapping toes start to creep around on the cold, hard, cement floor.

The rumbling begins- one glove hits the ice, then another. Fans are silent at first, stopping to catch their breath, preparing to cheer their man on to victory.

Suddenly, a row of rowdy viewers leep to their feet, screaming and hollering in unison.

"Get 'em!"

Circling each other, eyes penetrating, elbows tight and fists ready for landing, the players move in closer. A quick left jab is avoided with a subtle bob of the head. One team's side gasps in delight, the other in disgust.

The crowd groans and restless feet stomp the ground, then, without much warning, a fast right uppercut makes contact with the chin, "WHAM!"

The arena erupts! Standing up and waving furious arms in the arm, the stadium is wild with both support and anger.

A second punch knocks cleanly on the left cheekbone, "CRACK!", followed by another left jab, "POW!"

The refs speed in, whistles blowing harshly in the audiences ears. Allowing for a few last minute spits and nonsense arm throws, they tightly grab the men mid-waist, pulling firmly in the opposite direction.

With each team feeling certain that their man was the victor, the players are pushed into the penalty boxes: 4 minutes!"

Man, do I love hockey!!!