NHL: Return To Quebec City Is a Pipe Dream

Dany LemieuxContributor IOctober 13, 2009

The news of a meeting between Gary Bettman, Marcel Aubut and the Mayor of Quebec City Regis Labeaume has started this monster reaction that the NHL might be interested in taking back Quebec City. 

WOW!!  Talk about something exciting eh?  

Before we talk about that, there are a few things that you should know before analyzing this "great" event that happened last week.

Mr. Labeaume is in a race to be reelected as mayor of Quebec City.

Quebecers are very emotional and hockey is definitely a sensitive think in that city.

So why wait for an election campaign to meet with Bettman?

Publicity stunt maybe? 

Most likely it is a publicity stunt, even if the mayor should be reelected easily.

Other thing is that without Marcel Aubut this meeting would have never happened.

Marcel Aubut is still one of the most influential people in the NHL and a return of the league in Quebec city will go through Mr. Aubut.

So why did this meeting happen during a political campaign?

Easy to know, it's a political stunt!

Nothing more and nothing less.

Of course there will be some of you who will say that I am exaggerating and that I am simply negative towards this great news.

So let's look at that "news".

What did we learn that we did not learn before?

Nothing at all.

Gary Bettman and Bill Daly said the same thing they have been saying for a while now is that Quebec City needs a new building.

That no teams are in trouble, there are reasons to doubt that, and that no teams will be moving soon.

So for those of you who believe that the and NHL team will be coming to Quebec city and that a face-off is almost reality:

"Wake up!"

it's just another pipe dream...

Like a lot of things coming out of "La belle province" it is basically a romantic idea that is reminding me more of smoke screen than a vision of a face-off  between the Canadiens captain and a Quebec Nordiques future captain.

No new building means no team.