A "Hitman" Could Strike at Wrestlemania 26

Jonathon HiltonContributor IOctober 14, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers and tag team partners Triple H (L) and Shawn Michaels pose during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A few weeks ago I wrote an article outlining several possible feuds the WWE could do going into Wrestlemania 26, which included a special "retirement" angle for none other than HBK Shawn Michaels. I wrote that none other than Triple H, his longtime DX buddy and road warrior companion, could in fact be the man to retire HBK at Mania since bluntly speaking there really aren't a lot of wrestlers in the WWE today who have the history with Michaels or superstar credbility to be put in a match of that magnitude. My idea was met with both good and bad opinions of the match (mostly the feeback I recieved said YES to splitting up DX but was rather hesistant to seeing these two feud heading into the grandaddy of them all).

After watching RAW the past few weeks and seeing DX run rampant over everything, there's a part of me that thinks a swerve his coming on the part of either Triple H or HBK. Going back two sundays ago to HIAC, when DX met Legacy, HBK took a lot of noticeable bumps and bruises while HHH was held outside of the cell inable to get in. This lasted a good part of the match till miraciously Hunter figured out how to use boltcutters and get in to save his buddy. DX won the match, but as a fan of wrestling for 12 years I've come to develop the eye of seeing when seeds of a potential feud have been put in the ground.

Since HBK's return in August he's taken more beatdowns in the ring and outside than his buddy HHH, and while it's sometimes fun to be nostalgic and bring back a gimmick of the past, it can really be overdone to the point where fans simply want the gimmick to stop or change immediately. I still believe a HBK-HHH match at Mania can sell a ton of seats, but only if it's done with more creativity or a twist that the fans aren't expecting. This is where Bret Hart comes into play.

Bret Hart has recently said during TV interviews and radio spots that he'd be interested in coming back to do several on-air WWE events. To the diehard, this is huge, considering for the past 12 years Bret Hart has said he'd never come back to work with Vince or the WWE as a whole. Bret's done interviews, documentaries, biographies stating his view on the Montreal Screwjob of 1997 which have course has created legions of controversy. His name will forever be embedded in the ranks of the all time greats to perform, but his character both on air and off and inability to let go of the past has also plagued his career as well.

In my opinion, this storyline needs closure, like a bad breakup that's lingered for months and neither the guy nor the girl can't find the right words or actions to grow up and move on. If Bret Hart wants a shot at closing this issue for good I propose this storyline for Wrestlemania 26.

Have Bret Hart, who still isn't cleared to wrestle after suffering a stroke in 2002 and of course the infamous "Goldberg concussion" of 1999, be the special guest referee at Mania between HBK and HHH. In the weeks leading to the event, focus on the story backdrop between these three men, their history and why this match is important (the HBK retirement angle and of course Survivor Series 97). Have Bret Hart make several public apperances along the way to Mania stating his intentions to want to dish out payback for SS, but have him state that since both men were "obscene" and "bad for the WWE back then", he'd want either to lose or something to that effect. As I stated in my previous article, this feud can begin at SS 09 with a heel turn by HBK, who decides to split from Hunter due to pride or the simple fact he's getting beat up too much by opponents while Hunter looks good. The feud then gets carried to Mania on the backs of these two veterans (who know how to work a feud), gets injected with the retirement angle by none other than McMahon himself and then introduce Hart as the guest referee.

I understand it sounds vauge and very general here, but I'm desperate for something new, even if it means going back to an old feud to shoot up excitement in a brand that has become dull and stagnant. Sometimes nostalgia can be a good thing, if taken in proper doses.