Out in Left field: Will JBay stay with the Sox?

David O'Brien@DavidObrien19xCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2009

Over the past 48 hours or so, I have seen some articles that are talking about not re-signing Left Fielder Jason Bay.

I'm really hoping Bay will re-sign with the Sox. There is always the huge possibility that he won't.

There are several different places he could go, such as Toronto so he can be back in his home country. He could also go to Seattle which is closer to his hometown.

Both of those teams would be a terrible mistake if Bay makes his decision only because it would be closer to where he lives.

Toronto : AL East arguably the toughest division in all of baseball. They ended the season 75-87 .519 winning percentage and 28 games back. They started off well but it all went down hill. Ricciardi tried shopping Roy Halladay basically the face of the franchise.

No Ricciardi is gone replaced by VP of baseball operations, Alexander Anthopoulos. He has enough things to deal with as it is.

Let's be honest, is Toronto really going to cough up the money that Bay would want?

Seattle : Similar regular season record to Toronto, 85-77 and ended with 12 games back. I don't even see the interest in going to Seattle anyway.

Coming from the Pirates, He was obviously sick of losing. Coming to Boston he has been in the postseason back to back years.


Who would replace him?

It would not be hard to find a replacement, a few outfielders are now free agents. The problem would be the right fit for Boston.

STL Matt Holliday : Had a terrible start to the season until being sent to the Cardinals. A great overall player, but a step down from Bay

Stats: BA .313, 24 HR, 109 RBI.

I don't see this deal going down for two reasons.

1. His agent is Scott Boras, need I say more?

2. Although he is  better than Bay defensively , Bay's stats are just higher than his. Jason Bay: .267 BA 36 HR 119 RBI.

His '08 contract was $13.5 M compared to Bay's $7.8 M.

LAA Chone Figgins : Great on the basepaths with 42 SBs which makes up for his .298 BA 5 HR and 54 RBI. He scored 114 runs and had an OBP of .395 which are positives. He will be highly sought after in the offseason.

The Halo's might not let him go and Boston's lineup would take a hit power wise. His price will be higher as well.

LAA Bobby Abreu : He gets the job done. He is consistent in run production which shows in his 103 RBI reg. season. Another great player to have on the bases.

On opening day Abreu will be 36 and hes numbers have dropped over the years. Bay on the other hand will be 32. I'm not sure if age will pose a problem but Abreu had a career low of 15 homers.

Last but not least,

NYY Johnny Damon : I'm going to put a big NO on this one. A bad PR move. The guy had t-shirts after he left bearing the words "Johnny Demon." He will be 36 soon as well. Although he is consistent once again his numbers just don't match up to Jason Bay's.  Damon's stats were mediocre, .281 BA, 24 HR, 82 RBI, 107 runs. Decent on the basepaths but at what cost?

As you can see Jason Bay should not go anywhere this offseason if he knows what is good for him. The Sox do have a good farm system. However, they should not tap into it just yet. Josh Reddick is not ready for the bigs just yet.


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