10 Top 10s After Week Seven Of College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IOctober 19, 2009

PASADENA, CA - OCTOBER 17:  Running back Jahvid Best #4 of the California Golden Bears celebrates as he scores on a 51 yard touchdown reception against  the UCLA Bruins  on October 17, 2009 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Top Ten Teams

1. Florida - A win is a win.

2. Alabama - A little sloppy.

3. Texas - Still in position but will they be at the end of the season?

4. Cincinnati - 100 percent legitimate.

5. Iowa - Why is everyone still surprised when they win?

6. TCU - Big surge in the second half.

7. Boise - Maybe a little more beatable but still unbeaten.

8. USC - Best of the one loss teams.

9. Oregon - As impressive as anyone.

10. Miami - Another big test this week.

Ten Best Games This Week

1. Florida 23, Arkansas 20 - A nail biter in Gainesville.

2. Texas 16, Oklahoma 13 - Gutsy performance by both teams.

3. Arizona State 24, Washington 17 - Overtime.

4. USC 34, Notre Dame 27 - Not sure how it got this close.

5. Kentucky 21, Auburn 14 - Mild upset.

6. Iowa 20, Wisconsin 10 -Another dominant second half for the Hawkeyes.

7. Air Force 10, Wyoming 0 - What can I say? I love defense.

8. Nevada 35, Utah State 32 - The track meet du jour.

9. Georgia Tech 28, Virginia Tech 23 - This one makes things interesting.

10. Arizona 43, Stanford 38 - Another wild one in the Pac-10.

Ten Best Players In Week Seven

1. Joey Elliot - Made all the right decisions.

2. Dion Lewis - Becoming a regular on this list though now people getting to know who he is.

3. Jahvid Best - He's at it again.

4. Montel Harris - Off the charts.

5. Ben Chappell - Welcome to the list.

6. Daniel Thomas - Finding the endzone often.

7. Mark Ingram - The Heisman winner.

8. Jevan Snead - Making the best of it.

9. Josh Nesbitt - Making people forget about the Miami game.

10. Max Hall - Maybe he is the best QB in the country?

Ten Who Would Like To Forget Week Seven

1. Terrelle Pryor - Absolutely horrible.

2. Mark Mangino - You lost to who?

3. Colt McCoy - Gets a win but loses the Heisman.

4. Sam Bradford - Tough not to feel sorry for him.

5. Alex Tejada - Not all his fault but he's wearing the goat horns.

6. Auburn Fans - Tough one to swallow.

7. Ron Zook - The last shred of dignity gone.

8. The Referees - Yesterday was a flag fest.

9. Jim Harbaugh - Let one get away.

10. Charlie Weiss - Needed that one in the worst way.

Ten Teams Ranked or Unranked At The Start Of The Season

1. Miami - Unranked

2. Florida State - Ranked

3. Houston - Unranked

4. Georgia - Ranked

5. Cincinnati - Unranked

6. North Carolina - Ranked

7. Kansas - Unranked

8. Notre Dame - Ranked

9. Texas Tech - Unranked

10. Nebraska - Ranked

Ten Mascots or Nicknames I Still Don't Get

1. Western Kentucky - That Red Blob thing?

2. Akron - Zips?

3. North Texas - Mean Green?

4. Idaho - Vandals?

5. Stanford - The Pine Tree?

6. Wake Forest -Demon Deacons?

7. Duke - Don't understand the "blue" in Blue Devils.

8. Syracuse -Orangemen?

9. Purdue - Boilermakers?

10. Tulsa - What in the heck is with that Captain Kane?

Ten Things I Do Every Saturday Before Kickoff

1. Go for a run - Try and do it before I'm fully awake.

2. Hit the Farmer's Market - Time and money well spent.

3. Go in the Chat Room - Always like to see what everyone else is thinking on the day's games.

4. Shoot Videos for the site - Been doing these outside on the weekends lately.

5. Drink a huge cup of coffee - Intelligentsia, Black Cat.

6. Watch my Tivo'd shows - Usually not enough time to catch all of them.

7. Check the Forum - Usually some insightful conversations happening.

8. Check the forum polls - Usually right about 85 percent of the time.

9. Answer any straggling emails - I try and get to all of them but I get literally 100's a week.

10. Read for any late news and weather updates - makes all the difference in the world.

Ten TV Shows As They Apply To College Football This Year

1. Survivor - What team will be the sole survivor?

2. The Biggest Loser - This would be the fans of course who have no say in what they want to see (A Playoff!)

3. 60 Minutes - Make that a full 60 minutes of effort and excitement.

4. Big Brother - This would refer to the NCAA Rules Committee.

5. ER - Seems like some of the injuries are getting more attention to the games.

6. Curb Your Enthusiasm - Maybe some fan bases should have tried this before the season.

7. The Amazing Race - Every conference race is wide open at this point.

8. Lost - Several head coaches seem to fit the bill.

9. Wheel of Fortune - Never know from week to week who is going to land on "Bankrupt".

10. The Price Is Right - Definitely more important to the NCAA and the schools than what the fans want or what is best in the long run.

Ten Midseason Notes About The Game

1. ESPN and other networks only care about what it takes to get people to tune into their networks to watch, not solid evaluation and prognostication - Remind everyone as often as possible.

2. The SEC is over rated - The top is the tops but after that the decline is quick.

3. The Big Ten is really bad - A huge drop off after Iowa.

4. No one is unbeatable - Everyone looks very beatable.

5. Penn State will replace Iowa with Northern Iowa on the future schedule - It obviously doesn't matter who they play in the rankings so why wouldn't they.

6. Cincinnati is in a BCS conference yet still need to prove they are BCS worthy - But a 3-3 Oklahoma team is in the top 25?

7. Kirk Herbstreit is racking up the frequent flyer miles - Not even he can make Brent Musberger tolerable in the booth.

8. People have a short memory - Ask Bobby Bowden.

9. I haven't heard about Lane Kiffin since the season started - Why was so much time wasted on him in the off season?

10. USC creates it's own anti West Coast bias - lost to the worst team of any highly ranked one loss teams.

Ten Games For The Upcoming Week

1. Clemson at Miami - The one I care about most.

2. TCU at BYU - As big as last year's game.

3. Tennessee at Alabama - If this doesn't say College Football nothing does.

4. Texas at Missouri - No gimme for the Longhorns.

5. Penn State at Michigan - A classic.

6. Boston College at Notre Dame - Usually a good one.

7. Oregon State at USC - Revenge match up.

8. Oklahoma at Kansas - Pretty much a must win for the Sooners.

9. Wake Forest at Navy - Third meeting in about 10 games.

10. Oregon at Washington - Seems like every Husky game is exciting this year.

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