TNA Presents: Bound For Garbage 2009

Kyle MoCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2009

Before I get into my review of this really poor put together PPV, I have notice that on Bleacher Report you can bash: God, the president, sports teams, and among other things you can do on here, but the one thing you can not do, and should not do is ever make a Q and A ;)


                                                     Bound For Glory Review:




Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship Match: Champion The Amazing Red vs. Suicide vs. Daniels vs. Homicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin


Sabin and Shelley got into the match by beating Lethal Consequences during the preshow event. D'Angelo Dinero was taken out of this match due to a family emergency; I hope that everything is okay in his family. Suicide and Daniels took each other out when they did a very dangerous and uncalled for spot. Red then fought off the Motor City Machine Guns, who were on the ropes, and then was able to grab the title belt to get the win. Winner: Amazing Red in 15:16


Thoughts:  The finish felt very anti-climatic for an Ultimate X match. I know these spotfest are supposed to hype up the crowd, but some of these spots were way over the top. Some of the stuff was hard to watch for the well beings of the wrestlers. For a brief second, I thought Daniels was dead, or really injured.


Amazing Red gets the logical win, and we will see where he goes from here, with Don West as his manager. I can not rate this match fairly since it was hard to watch on my behalf. But the match wasn’t that great even as a crash-like style spotfest.


We have seen this match so many times, almost done the same way it just gets kind of boring. It is like Halloween the movie; it was good the first time, and maybe a few times after that, but now we are going on the 30th Halloween movie, and the concept just got stale. N/R




TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship: Champions Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. The Beautiful People

Earl is a pimp and gets a kiss; then still kicks out Von Erich (pimp). Match ended when Sarita and Wilde hit the drop kick and suplex combo on Madison Rayne to get the win. Winners: Sarita and Taylor Wilde in 2 minutes.

 Thoughts:  What was that? Not only was it short… it was terrible; blown spots, lack of tag team rules, and the wrong team went over. This was a complete waste of time. Where were you on this one, Scott D’Amore? ¼*


Legends Championship: Champion Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young vs. Hernandez


Young and Nash double-teamed Hernandez. Nash was setting Hernandez up for the Jack Knife Power Bomb, but Young turned on Nash and used the head of Hernandez to nail Nash's groin. Young covered Nash to get the win. Winner and New Champion: Eric Young in 8:53


Thoughts:  Oh Russo, Russo, Russo; you and your tactics. The match was okay for what is was, but it didn’t really help Hernandez as I thought they were striding for. I guess Eric Young wanted to piss off MEM and Hernadez. * ¾




Full Metal Mayhem for the IWGP and TNA Tag Team Championships: TNA Champions Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. IWGP Champions The British Invasion vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D

During the match, Booker T got injured and required him to be taken out on a stretcher; I think that will be the last of Booker T in TNA. Team 3D was able to grab the IWGP title but Rhino came into the ring and attacked both men. A few minutes after, Big Rob entered the ring to help the British Invasion grab the TNA Tag Team Championship. Winners: Team 3D & The British Invasion 17:22


Thoughts:  Did this spots remind you of Wrestlemania 17, or is it just me? Rhino interfering and Rob giving British Invasion a push up the ladder.

 The match was good for what it was- a garbage brawl. Nothing was really innovated or awesome, but it was at least solid. If WWE booked this same ladder match on a Wrestlemania card, it could have reached ****. But unfortunately TNA booked it. ** ¾



TNA Knockouts Championship: Champion ODB vs. Tara vs. Awesome Kong

During the match, Tara and a fan went at it. Security wound up Tara to the back. Tara came back a few minutes later. I suppose this is some “worked shoot”. Raisha Saeed then came out and tried to give Kong a chair, but Kong didn’t want it. The chair was in the ring when ODB reversed an Awesome Bomb from Kong and planted her on the chair with a face buster to get the win. Winner: ODB 7:00

 Thoughts:  Random interference outside, 7 minutes for this, chairs legal in a one fall match, and Kong losing “clean”. Russo strikes again! *




Submissions Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe

 The crowd was really behind Joe in the match. Joe hit two uranages and was going for a third when Lashley hit a leg sweep, and then Lashley then applied a choke hold and the referee called for the bell. Winner: Lashley 9:00


Thoughts:  Samoa Joe tried, but Lashley is as useful as the Impact Zone fan’s. It is really sad to see what has become of Samoa Joe over the past years. He has gone from dominate monster to whiny now to Lashley’s bitch. So, let’s get this clear: MMA>TNA, Lashley (bruised ribs)> Samoa Joe (healthy) and Triple Threat Women’s match (20 minute time limit)> “TNA vs. MMA” (15 minute time limit). Vintage Russo! **



Monster's Ball Match: Mick Foley vs. Abyss

Dr. Stevie brought the bag of thumbtacks into the ring. When Abyss was going to put Foley in them, Dr. Stevie stopped him. Stevie was beaten up by Abyss. A second referee came in and he screwed messed up the count, after Foley used a taser on the groin of Abyss. Referee was beaten up by Dr. Stevie. Abyss threw Daffney from the ring through a barbed wire board set up between the ring barricade and the apron. He gave Dr. Stevie the Black Hole Slam on the tacks and then a choke slam of Foley onto a barbed wire board. Abyss dragged Dr. Stevie and counted three for him when he pinned Foley. Winner: Abyss in 12:00.

Thoughts:  I was actually expecting something good out of this, instead I got a match that wouldn’t have even been called extreme 10 years ago. This match had stupid spots, lack of selling, interference, horrible taser spot, tons of standing around with nothing happening, a ref that counted to four, and a spot done straight out of Russo’s bag that happened at Over the Edge 1998. If this doesn’t tell you Russo is out ideas, I don’t know what will. *


Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan

This one ended when Morgan caught Angle on the top rope. He was about to deliver a slam of some sort but Angle reversed it into a victory roll to get the win. After the match, Angle shook the hand of Matt Morgan and raised his arm. Winner: Kurt Angle in 16:00.


Thoughts:  Great structure and realism in the match. Angle did very well in carrying Matt Morgan and making him look good. This match was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the crap on this show. It is funny how good a match can be with just wrestling without any shenanigans. Angle must have booked this match. *** ¼



TNA World Championship: Champion AJ Styles vs. Sting

AJ was able to kick out of the Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Drop combo. A few minutes later he was able to escape the Scorpion Deathlock. The match turned when Sting out AJ on the ropes. AJ was clever to get Sting off the ropes with a head butt.

He then hit a Pele on Sting from the apron and re-entered the ring by delivering the springboard splash to get the anticlimactic win. After the match, AJ called Sting back to the ring and wanted him to address the crowd. Sting told the crowd that he isn't sure if he will be back again. Winner: AJ Styles in 14:00.


Thoughts:  All they did for most of the match was trade moves and trade respect. The storytelling was weird also. AJ Styles played the underdog, but he kicked out of two of Sting’s finishers and got out of his death-lock. It didn’t really seem as AJ Styles was an underdog; it felt like Sting was old and couldn’t keep up, but did nothing about it. They should have done it like they did HBK-Flair by having Sting do what ever it takes in order to beat AJ. Instead, they gave us this- an anticlimactic, uneventful, share moves type of match. ** ¼



Going Home: This is supposed to be TNA’s Wrestlemania, and I felt like I just got a slightly-above average TNA ppv this year. This company is still making the same mistakes, and their obviously aren’t going to change them. D-lo Brown said that their were going to be some changes in TNA after Bound For Glory, but looking at the Impact preview; it looks like the same to me.  I can not watch this company, nor do I want to. They are a company who are stuck in the 90’s and can’t get out of them. I already saw WCW in the late 90’s, once. I don’t need to relive it in 2009.



Thumbs down.