Is Iglesias The Future At SS For The Boston Red Sox?

Chuck HanfContributor IOctober 20, 2009

For the Boston Red Sox and their fan base, the 2009 ‘Hot Stove’ has been lit way too early, but lets sit down by the premature October fire for a second and contemplate the future at the SS position for this team.

There is much debate right now, albeit more to the ‘sign him’ side of the argument when discussing Alex Gonzalez and his future with the Red Sox. I fall on the ‘sign him’ side of that debate as well. Yes, Gonzalez will be a year older in 2010 and maybe we will start to see some of his defensive range slightly slip, but he is a very economical sign for Boston. Sign him to a one or two year deal and be done with this quickly and let’s move on to other concerns.

One thing to consider here, Red Sox fans, is the signing of Cuban defector, Jose Iglesias, this past summer by the Sox. Iglesias is a 19 year old defensive wizard and he signed with Boston because---get this---“they were a team that needed a shortstop," and "they are my father's favorite team." That’s what I call a ‘win-win’ Jose. Very nice decision. You are right, the Sox are thin at the SS position and you get to make Papa Iglesias happy--- good stuff kid. (please stop by to continue reading the piece...Thank you)