Steve Phillips's Mistress Can Go to Hell

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IOctober 22, 2009

For those that don't know, Steve Phillips the former Mets GM and current ESPN analysis has been caught in a love affair with an ESPN employee. Well maybe not caught, perhaps outed is a better phrase. His mistress went public with the affair and not just to the Phillips' family, but she felt the need to inform the New York Post in an exclusive deal.

Normally we would not remark on a story such as this as I try to respect the privacy of personal lives and this blog is about sports, not personal lives (unless it's a really positive story). Yet, this is the exception to that practice, as I am a divorce kid, and I know what it does to a family along with the major factor for my disgust which is the manner in which this was handled.

While my disgust should be directed at Steve Phillips, I find myself harboring just as much, if not more, towards his mistress for the way she has handled everything. There is something inherently wrong in selling a story like this to a newspaper. There are worse things, but it does not change how horrible the situation is that she has helped create.

If you haven't read the letter she sent to Mrs. Philips, and then decided to share with the New York Post , read it before you continue.

Look, Ice Queen, it's bad enough that you engaged in an affair with a man that you knew was married, but it's worse when you write a vengeful letter to that man's wife and send it to a newspaper.

Let's just break this down.

I'm not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots.

That's really f***ing classy right there. Written like a true idiot. Is this a common occurrence? Have there been multiple times in your life where you've just gotten your f**k on with random dudes in parking lots?

I care about him a lot and I've been asking him to come clean to you about everything, from when we first slept together in St. Louis in his hotel suite (where he assured me I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant since his vasectomy)

This is called the too much information portion of this letter. First, you don't need to inform the spouse about when you first slept together, perhaps when it started, but not in these terms. This just seems like an intentional jab at the wife.

Also, the part in parenthesis is completely unneeded, although it appears pretty obvious from this sentence that you were not intending for Mrs. Phillips to be the only reader. The plan to go public was there from the start. This sentence was written to embarrass him.

Mrs. Phillips already knows he had vasectomy, so you're either aiming to shame him or you missed the English class where they explain how to leave out unnecessary information.

Then comes the section where she explains the conversations that they engaged in about Steve's kids and their relationships with each other. I get that you're trying to illustrate that your relationship was more than just f***ing, but given that this letter was intended to go public, it really could have been left out.

Why bring the children into this? They're innocent bystanders, or better yet, why take a private matter public? Oh that's right, you're a stupid 22 year old girl who is engaging in an extramarital affair with a man on TV! You've really made it! Time to cash in for your only shot at 15 minutes of fame!

I was raised Catholic too and while I know our faith dissuades divorce, it also respects it with regards to infidelity because people should have the opportunity to be with whomever makes them happy and can give them what they need.

I am a Catholic who is also a theology student. Either she has a really liberal interpretation of Catholic doctrine or she's a f***ing idiot. I'm going with the latter. God wants you to enjoy life, but not be a f***ing adulterous ass in the process while using "I just want to be happy!" as the backbone of your argument. top it off Steve has a big birthmark on his crotch right above his penis and one on his left inner thigh, so you know I'm not being fake.

This was done to embarrass Steve Phillips. I get why it was done, but again, she intended for this to go public.

Now as for the claims that he's in a loveless marriage, apparently the mistress has fallen for the oldest line in the book. Seriously, every dude engaging in a relationship like that claims that. Also the statement about her being in love with him and that she makes him happier than his wife is a low blow.

I do not care if she claims that she's not trying to hurt Mrs. Phillips, that's bullshit, it was meant to hurt and I'm sure it hit its mark. The mistress was trying to mark her territory and wave her relationship in Mrs. Phillips face.

As I mentioned in the opening of this post, I'm a divorce kid. I know what it does to a family; I know how it hurts. By sending that letter to the New York Post , the mistress showed complete disregard for the feelings to Steve Phillips' wife and children. She acted in self interest to cash in on some fame, and at the expense of the feelings and personal lives of the Phillips family.

Honestly, imagine how it must feel to the children, imagine trying to go through that.

This is not to say that Steve is absolved from his sins here. He's a piece of shit as well, hell, maybe he should run off with his mistress. He has cheated on his wife not once, but twice! Well, that we know of. It's bad enough that a family has to endure this one time, but the fact that this is the second time is horrible. Steve Phillips is at a level below excrement for doing this to his family.

Sure the Post is at fault for publishing filth like this, but what do you expect? There's probably a reason why the newspaper industry is dying. They're trying to sell papers like a broke crackhead tries to get his next fix...any way possible.

Finally, on the topic of love and apparently how the mistress makes Steve happier than his wife does, I can assure you that the mistress has no sense of love with the exception of self-love. She's a 22 year old girl who has been engaging in an affair and apparently cares so deeply about the Phillips' family that she's willing to do something completely self-serving to prove it.

I'm 22, I study a religion dedicated to the concept of love, I'm in a committed relationship that is entering its fourth year. I still don't have a full grasp on what love really is. I have friends that are married and claim that they are still learning about love. This mistress has no idea what love is. I know enough about love to know that.

Love doesn't show complete disregard for the feelings of others. She has only acted in self-interest and it's disgusting. Cash in on your fame, I assure you it's fleeting.

One final thought: Steve, you're a pretty handsome dude, you couldn't do better than her? Raise your standards or be a man and respect the feelings of your family.

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