Hungry Like the Wolfe: Nigel McGuinness Makes an iMPACT On His First Night

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 23, 2009

As you probably have heard by now, Nigel McGuinness signed with TNA Wrestling a few days ago. The day he signed, he made his debut at one of the tapings under the new ringname, Desmond Wolfe. However, it seems he will be called Wolfe more than his full ringname.

It is said that he came up with the new name himself, which makes sense because this name is not near as bad as some other ringnames I have heard. And we all know there have been some crazy ones.

People that I have spoken with who know his old ROH character Nigel McGuinness, do not like the new name. And that is understandable, considering you are used to hearing him called Nigel McGuinness and not Desmond Wolfe.

A lot of people had to get used to Matt Sydal's new name in the WWE, Evan Bourne. But, people know him more by the Evan Bourne ring name than his old Matt Sydal ring name now.

This will eventually happen with Wolfe. And, it is just a name we are going to have to hear a lot and then we will get used to it. I know, I know, its not his old name. But, we can't change it now, so whats the use in complaining every time there is an article on the guy?

In any case, he made one of the more impressive debuts I have seen in a while for TNA. TNA must really think a lot of Wolfe, because he made his debut by attacking the top guy in the company in Kurt Angle.

Keep that in mind, Kurt Angle. This isn't some guy that you can realistically go out and beat to a pulp on any given night. He is a 13 time World Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist.

I am happy to see TNA give us an impressive debut with Wolfe because usually this does not happen. For the longest time the focus was not on the young guys coming in, it was only on the veterans like Angle, Nash, Booker T, and Steiner.

And while they are big names and deserve some hype, you just don't see a young guy like Wolfe come in and make a debut like this, especially on a veteran like Angle.

Wolfe was not a big name coming in. Sure, die-hard wrestling fans know the guy, but the casual fans have no clue who he is. Or, they just heard of him when ROH made its way to HDNet earlier this year. Either way, TNA decided to give us something new.

The focus is finally on the young talent, not the old, tired vets. While I do respect the veterans and what they have done, they are not the future of the business there. People like AJ Styles, the MCMGs, Jay Lethal, Daniels, Matt Morgan, and even Wolfe are the future.

Right now, TNA seems to have turned Angle face. This is the first time he has been a babyface in over two years. So, he is probably due for the turn. Wolfe coming in and doing what he did to Angle, which was attacking him in the back, then blindsiding him at ringside, is huge for the new heel character Wolfe is.

People were forced to take notice of Wolfe, which is definitely the key in a good debut. Because a first impression is what tells the fans who your character is and how compelling it is to watch. This was so good, I think TNA has a main event feud right off with these two.

Wolfe is a great wrestler, and so is Angle. Imagine the matches they can have. Also, you make Wolfe an even bigger star if you have him compete against a big name like Angle and have him go over on him a bit.

Sure, Angle will probably win the feud in the end. But, how Wolfe does in the storyline between the two will be what we need to watch though. Can he live up to the hype he had from the IWC coming in? And, can he live up to that impressive debut?

Time will tell, but if he is the same guy I watched in ROH for years, he will live up to the hype in my opinion.