Bleacher Report Prediction League: Bragging Rights

Callum GrahamCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2009

 "Fight for position". After the huge amount of points given out at Bound For Glory there is a big group towards the top and another in the middle of the league. Bragging Rights doesn't have many matches which makes each prediction even more vital. Joe Burgett has a huge 36 point lead and will most probably not be able to be caught even if we all got full points, if only.

I didn't send out the link for the results for you lot, my excuse, I forgot.

There you go, it's worth a look as I've added a results question into the mix worth 4 points for you to answer over there.


Right, let's get started as it isn't long until the pay per view actually starts, that's right I said it.


1) The Undertaker v CM Punk v Batista v Rey Mysterio.......... Winner 3 Points Loser 1 Point = Both +2 (Total 6)

2) Randy Orton v John Cena......... 3 Points

3) The Miz v John Morrison.........2 Points

4) Raw Divas v Smackdown Divas........2 Points

5) Team Raw v Team Smackdown...........4 Points

The Bonus Questions

Bonus 1) In match 5, what team member will get the pinfall? (Member of Team Raw/ Smackdown).......... 3 Points

Bonus 2) What will the score be in the Ironman Match? (Score ?-?)............ 2 Points

Bonus 3) What commentators will announce the Main Event, match 5? (Combination of announcers)............ 1 Point

The Upset Award

Once again it's here, the upset award worth 3 points. The match (Excluding match 1) with the least correct predictions will give all the correct predictors a bonus 3 points, got it? Thought so.

Maximum Points = 26

Shawn Straightedge and Ron Johnson are on their last warning before  being removed from the league.

The guideline, this time with a smaller gap, shocking stuff.


1) Winner)

1) Loser)





Bonus 1)

Bonus 2)

Bonus 3)


O.K good luck to everyone see you on Monday I guess. Have fun