John Cena: Whether It's a Good Bye Or a Welcome Back, It's DiBiase's Time!

RKO KidContributor IOctober 24, 2009

At WWE Bragging Rights, the Raw main event picture looks like it could be dealing with some major changes.

By now everyone knows of the big 60 minute Iron Man Match scheduled for Bragging Rights and everyone knows what happens if Cena loses. He leaves Raw.

This leaves the main event picture without a top face.

Could that be Ted DiBiase's opportunity to jump? Well before we discuss that let's look at the Orton/Cena match that is gonna go down.

Most people believe that at Bragging Rights, Randy Orton is going to beat Cena and make Cena leave Raw (to later appear on SmackDown).

This epic feud between Cena and Orton has had them trade the title, but this is it. This is the final meeting!

No rematches, no do-overs, no nothing. One last shot. With the stipulation that anything goes, expect Orton to be using those weapons a lot!

I believe that the count for the match will be 3-2 for Randy Orton, with the first being  a good beating using weapons and follows it up with a pin.

From there, I think John will take over the match. I believe he will get one thanks to the STF getting Orton to tap. So that's 1-1.

From there, I believe you will have Cena get another one by hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Randy Orton making it 2-1. While the crowd is chanting Cena's name and he is enjoying every moment of it, I believe Randy will find a way to counter it.

That will eventually lead to an RKO! Cena will not kick out and it will be tied 2-2.

Last, but not least, I think both men will hold strong until the final moments of the match. I think with 30 seconds left on the clock(or somewhere around that time) Orton will connect the Punt to the head of John Cena and pin him for the 1, 2, 3 making it 3-2.

Obviously from there, Cena will not counter and pin again so Orton will win.

The punt is a really good way to end the match because that can put Cena out for a while. Then, when you least suspect it, Teddy Long can announce that he has added a great superstar to the SmackDown roster.

He was a free agent currently out. Soon enough, that free agent can be introduced on SmackDown and obviously that FA will be Cena. So Cena will be moved there and working on storylines there.

Meanwhile, while Cena is on SmackDown what will happen with Ted DiBiase?

I think everyone knows that Ted will take Cena's spot. It's not guranteed, but it looks like the most possible option in this situation.

How does the feud start?

Wel,l you could have him and Randy in a segment where they are suppose to beat down another superstar, but instead he fights Orton.

Or something very similar could be that it's like a 3 on 2 handicap match with DX facing Legacy and DiBiase betrays Orton there.

Basically, there are millions of possibilities on how WWE can make this work. I'm just hoping they pick to do one of the good ones and not fail by picking one of the worst ways.

There is also the possiblity that Cena wins at Bragging Rights. So let's see how that could play out.

It's the Iron Match and it's tied 2-2. Orton connected a Punt and RKO for two victories. Cena connected an Attitude Adjustment and made Orton submit to an STF. Less than a minute to go, both men down on the ground, struggling to make it to their feet.

Then all of the sudden, out run DiBiase and Rhodes.

They both grab chairs and get ready to help their leader, Orton, but, all of the sudden, DiBiase hits Rhodes with the chair.

He then gets rid of Rhodes, and drags Cena and places him on top of Randy. Cena gets the pin and the win.

Orton is shocked at what one of his prodigies has done to him. The next Monday Night, it's Cena and DiBiase vs Orton and Rhodes, where it basically plays out itself from there for young Mr. Teddy.

I know I have brought you many of these on Ted DiBiase's face turn, but I am that excited.

DiBiase, in my eyes, has the potential to be a future champion and face of the company. He has got the talent, the look, and he can carry a match if needed. 

The man will be an interesting character to watch unfold. Is it's time for Ted to leave behind the Legacy and make a new one? Find himself a gimmick he can stick to and go with it?

Will he try and do something great so we will never forget the name, Ted DiBiase!