The Amazing Aventures of John Madden

Brad S.Correspondent IJune 6, 2008

here he was, John Madden was about to accept the award for sports game of the year. Now, every year an NFL player is selected to be on the cover of Madden NFL Football. Some people believe that there is a curse associated with being on the cover. Consider past cover guy Michael Vick. He’s in jail. And the year he was on the cover he broke his leg and was out for the rest of the season.

John wasn’t sure the Madden Curse applied when the game was receiving an award, John sure hoped not. John went on stage and accepted his award. Just as John was exiting the stage a stage light fell and struck him in the head. John was hurriedly rushed to the hospital. Just as he was being loaded into the ambulance he realized he was still holing on to the award, he quickly tossed it away into the street and saw an oncoming car crush it, just then John lost consciousness.

When John awoke several hours latter NFL union president and former Oakland Raider Gene Upshaw was sitting in the room. “John I saw what happened and I also saw you dropped your award so I grabbed it out of traffic and restored it for you.” “Gene,” John responded, “you’re a terrible union president and no one likes you.” “Fine take your damned award.” Upshaw shouted and stormed out of the room.

John was laying there staring at the award when suddenly his doctor walked in “Um, John. We have some bad news, we accidentally gave you some contaminated blood and you have contracted hepatitis.” John thought for a minute, and said “I won’t sue you if you take this award and promise me that you will keep it.” The doctor was so relived “Thank you Mr. Madden, I promise I will keep it.” The doctor was looking back and waving when he suddenly fell down an elevator shaft.

John chuckled to himself, and though he had a severe concussion and had contracted hepatitis, he was just happy to get rid of that damned award.