Coco Crisp and the Gang Take on the Rays

BigRegAnalyst IJune 6, 2008


Last night after starting pitcher James Shields hit Coco Crisp, both he and the rest of the cereal mascots charged the mound. After a couple of missed punches by both Shields and Crisp, they were each taken to the ground by a swarm of opposing players.


James Shields: "It was scary man. I didn't realize that I would have to take on a stupid monkey in a hat, a tiger, a chocolate count, and a crazy coked out rabbit!!"

Tony the Tiger: "Of course we will back up Coco Crisp, he is one of our own.  Me and Snap, Crackle and Pop beat the heck out Shields. Serves him right. I heard he only eats Total!"

Later in the game when Cap'n Crunch confronted Sonny the Cuckoo Bird for not getting out of the dugout and supporting his teammate quick enough, another fight broke out. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird got in a good punch before Toucan Sam and Dig'em Frog broke it up.


Lucky the Leprechaun: "These things happen when you get a bunch of mascots all pumped up! We are just lucky that the Cookie Crisp Crook was not around!"