Lakers, Heat, Bulls: Trades That Should Happen!

Ryan WelchCorrespondent IJune 6, 2008

I have been doing some thinking about what trades should happen before the draft later this month.  I want to specifically talk about three teams and two trades that would make all three teams significantly better next year. 


Trade 1: Miami Heat trade Dwyane Wade for the No. 1 pick in the draft and Ben Gordon.

Trade 2: Miami Heat trade Shawn Marion to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum.


Now, I will tell you why these are good trades for all three teams.

Miami would field this lineup:

PG Derrick Rose

SG Ben Gordon

SF Michael Beasley

PF Udonis Haslem

C Andrew Bynum

That team would be an immediate contender in the East, and in a couple years, could be the best team in the leaguehands down.

Chicago would get a major draw and a go-to scorer to go with a lineup that is filled with role players and defensive-minded guys.  Plus, the NBA would get what it wants with Wade in a top three city.

The Lakers (who would be risking the most here) would field this lineup:

PG Fisher

SG Kobe

SF Marion

PF Odom

C Gasol

Plus, they would have the same young bench they have now.

In the NBA, it should always be about winning immediately without losing the future. 

With Fisher being the only guy on that team over 30, and Gasol not getting clogged in the lane when Bynum comes back, that could be the most dominate team in NBA history over the next four or five yearswhen, eventually, they would give way to an impending rivalry between Miami and Portland.

What do you think?