Forgotten Classic Vol. IV: Christian Vs Chris Jericho Wrestlemania XX

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2009

Volume IV of the Forgotten Classics series was inspired by the recent encounter between these two top stars of this generation and led me down memory lane where I relived this bout between Captain Charisma and Y2J that was fuelled by blood-lust, anger and a woman.

I present to you all Christian Vs. Chris Jericho at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania XX . Enjoy, my B/R Peeps!

March 14th 2004 , Madison Square Gardens , Wrestlemania 20: Christian Vs. Chris Jericho (with Trish Stratus)

Christian and Chris Jericho were the perfect tag-team in 2003; both were as arrogant as each other, both were as cocky as each other and both were as talented as each other. They fitted together like a hand to a glove.

They earned success as a tag-team, winning the World Tag Team Championships, and provided endless entertainment. I mean who can ever forget the infamous "ass cream" segment. However, the downfall of Vitamin C all started with what seemed like a harmless bet.

The bet was for the princely sum of one Canadian Dollar and it was who could bed a WWE Diva first; Chris Jericho (who's Diva was Trish Stratus) and Christian (who's Diva was Lita). Unexpectedly, Y2J developed real feelings for Trish and tried to convince her that his feelings were real when she found out about the bet.

Captain Charisma was having none of it and was on his way to convincing Jericho that Trish indeed did not reciprocate his feelings. At that time, he was doing the same to Trish; making her think that Chris had no feelings for her but instead it was Christian who was trying to get Trish to be with him

After consulting, and dare I say manipulating, Eric Bischoff, Christian was put in an inter-gender match against Trish Stratus in which he had promised Trish that he would lay down for her backstage before the bout occurred.

The plan was going perfectly, Trish had Christian pinned; however, Captain Charisma kicked out at the two count. He then proceeded to clothesline Trish and make her tap-out to the Walls of Jericho, the finishing move of one Chris Jericho showing why he was an awesome heel.

The following week Christian again showed why he was an excellent heel by hosting the Highlight Reel, Chris Jericho's own show, and stating that he did what he did for Y2J, his best friend because Trish not only ruined Jericho's life but also their friendship.

"It's called tough love, Chris."

But Chris was having none of it and proceeded to beat down Christian, with Captian Charisma escaping by the skin of his teeth.

The stage was set for an epic encounter at the grandest stage of them all; it would be Christian Vs. Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XX!


The Match

The ending to the match. 


The Verdict

The match was what you would expect from wrestlers as talented as these two; technically sound with counters and reversals from both men that got the crowd involved into the matchup.

Combining a blend of technical and high-flying moves with the storytelling made this one of the best matches on a card that was stacked from top to bottom.

That being said, what is both fondly remembered has to be the ending. After Jericho had delivered a superplex to Christian, Trish Stratus came running to ringside and climbed the ring apron. Christian brings Trish into the ring but Jericho throws him away. He goes to check on her but she "accidentally" hits him with an elbow which allows Captain Charisma to sneak the win via a roll-up.

Trish then apologizes to Chris, but SWERVE! She smacks the bejesus out of him. CC runs in and delivers the Killswitch (then known as the Unprettier). Christian and Trish Stratus seal the deal with a kiss on the ramp, rubbing more salt into the wound.

This one moment solidified Christian as a upper-card heel whilst also giving Chris Jericho more of the babyface sympathy of being betrayed firstly by his best friend and then his girlfriend.

Adding the shocking swerve to what was an excellent encounter between these two means this match should be remembered by both Peeps (know Shane loves that term!) And Jericholics worldwide


Why is it forgotten

Wrestlemania XX is considered by many as the greatest Wrestlemania of all time; from the best main-event in Wrestlemania history between Chris Benoit, HHH, and HBK for the World Heavyweight Championship to a wrestling masterclass between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero to the rise of Randy Orton with his victory with his fellow Evolution members of Ric Flair & Batista against the Rock 'N' Sock Connection, every match delivered in some way.

With matches as great as this, Christian Vs. Chris Jericho got lost in the shuffle when people recount their Wrestlemania XX moment. Not because the matchup or the build-up was not good enough because these two factors were top notch but because there were simply more memorable moments at Wrestlemania XX that the fans remember more vividly.

When the inevitable DVD's come out recapping the careers of Christian and Chris Jericho, hopefully not only this match but this whole feud will be encompassed in them.


Final Thoughts

We all saw this past Tuesday on ECW that these two still have chemistry in the ring together and can effortlessly produce 4* matches with each other. A programme between these two is inevitable, whether it'll be between them as single competitors or part of a C&E Vs. Jerishow feud.

We can all hope that we won't have to wait that long to see these two ring generals back gracing the squared circle once more.

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