Formula One: The Modern Circus

Craig RobertonContributor IJune 7, 2008

It always amazes me how F1 is the modern day version of a circus. Now this idea is not the newest spark to anyone but it stills keeps us guessing about the next big trick or who will come centre stage. Already in 2008 we have had Mad Max and his little circle of friends show us all how to crack the whip. Maybe this is why F1 is more interesting than any other sport in the world. Some thing always seems to be happening and the ringmaster Bernie keep the fans entertained on the track (mostly) and off it.


Being form the UK I should like football but I really hate it. I can’t see the point of 22 grown men chasing a pig skin round a pitch for ninety minutes and only have possession for 6 minutes. These sporting hero’s will then get paid £100k a week before going down the Porsche dealership then to a nightclub and next weekend read in the news of the world about how they bedded a 22 year old blonde. £100k and its not even dangerous. People are bored to see David Beckingham and his Posh of a wife living it up when he only played 45 minutes of football a week. Compare this to F1 drivers who are getting paid anywhere from £1m to £22million (the latter is what Fernando was reported getting paid by Mclaren), football seems pointless at entertainment.


Now don’t get me wrong I wish that there were more entertainment on the track. I would love to see STR beat Ferrari, especially as Ferrari provide customer engines and watch Ferrari management blame STR for taking something from them but the truth is that F1 has become more than just two hours of racing on a Sunday afternoon, it keeps us entertained all the time. We have already have had the Sexy Max scandal and I’m sure there’s more to come. I know of no other sport in the world that keeps us entertained like this.


Last year we had the Spy-gate, before that was Fernando feeling rejected at Renault before moving to Mclaren and the mass damper affair because Ferrari wasn’t winning. We’ve had the war between Williams and BMW, which strangely enough when the divorce happened Williams (championship winners) said they did not like the way BMW wanted to do things and BMW wanted more input. Look at how they are doing now and you start to wonder who was right and who was wrong. But this is all part of the circus to keep us interested in what is going on.


But of late the focus has been more off the track as more things develop this year. While I don’t mind the stories mid week F1 needs to be careful it does not develop stories around the actual racing. This season so far has been a bit weak compared to last season and the season before that. Just be careful Bernie not to sell F1 and everything with it without supporting what we all what to see - racing…….