Broncos Get Bucked By The BCS

Jason ParraContributor IOctober 28, 2009

Broncos Get Bucked By The BCS

Boise State is ranked 5th in the Harris and USA Today coaches' poll. TCU was 7th in the Harris poll, 6th in the coaches' poll. The Frogs got over in the computer ratings, which is 33% of the BCS average. 6 computers decided that TCU was 4th and Boise State 8th - sucks for BSU and good for TCU. Well that is just great...Lets all take the rest of the season off and let the all mighty -CPU- decide it all.

Everyone points to the Broncos weak schedule, and their pitiful WAC opponents as a reason to deny them a shot at a BCS bowl. Do people actually believe the Broncos can do ANYTHING about it? Or maybe BSU is happy being overlooked and disrespected year after year? Perhaps being required to go 13-0 every year to receive any recognition or BCS consideration is the Broncos idea of fun? I would say no, and the only thing out of whack in the WAC are the Broncos themselves. They don't belong in the WAC, the problem is - who really wants Boise State playing in their back yard? There are not many invitations being extended the Broncos way, in truth there is no chance of BSU qualifying for a 'Pac-12' (no doctorate degrees offered) and neither C-USA or the MWC want any part of them. Boise is not the only team from a weak or questionable conference...

Lets have a look at TCU and the awesome Mountain West Conference...
TCU and Boise are very similar teams and the MWC is almost as bad as the WAC.
Utah/TCU/BYU have winning records, the rest of the MWC is a sub 500 joke. FYI to those bashing the Bulldogs, Fresno is NOT a bad team, they are in fact a dangerous team who play the ''Big Boys" all the time. #10 Boise did own Fresno, but Wisconsin needed OT to get it done, and the #8 Bearcats barely won vs. Fresno at home. They have the top RB in the nation and Fresno (now 4-3) will probably win out the rest of the season. BSU/Idaho/Fresno/Nevada all have winning records and any one of them could compete and win vs the best of the MWC. That includes Utah, BYU and yes even TCU; but Wyoming, AF, UNLV, San Diego State and New Mexico? Come on now, how is Boise bashing justified with that impressive MWC roster. Yeah, Yeah..I can already hear the screaming about OOC schedule strength, but Clemson, Brigham Young and Utah do not impress the Broncos. Neither did the Oregon Ducks for the past two years or Oklahoma - get over it.

It did tick me off as a Boise State fan that USC and Iowa jumped into the 4th and 5th positions. USC got punked by the Huskies who then got OWNED by Oregon Saturday. The BCS computers say Iowa is the #1 team in the country, they received a perfect 1.0 score for the last 2 weeks. 6 of Iowa's 8 games were won by a total of 10 points or less. They just beat a pathetic Michigan State team on the LAST play of the game, and yet they are now #4 over Boise and TCU? That's just FUBAR!

The Trojan's are highly overrated, all they have done is expose just how over-ranked #8 Ohio State and #20 Cal really were. Remember that Cal was #5 at one time, TCU or Boise could have torched either of them. USC just barely survived Notre Dame, but did manage to pound the juggernaut that is San Jose State. Yet those wins still pumped up the Trojans SOS - offsetting that embarrassing loss to the Huskies. If Oregon beats the Trojans on Halloween in Eugene (and I believe they will) what a cluster we will have on our hands. It's a mathematical probability the Ducks will then jump the Broncos and TCU, based on SOS and the BCS computers...

And why should Oregon EVER pass Boise State this season as long as BSU remains undefeated? The Broncos did in fact dominate that game, they held Oregon without a first down into the third quarter, left at least 21 points on the field (yes, Boise played an ugly game as well) and the highly touted L. Blount had minus 8 yards. No wonder he freaked out after the game---didn't get to deliver that A$$ Whooping on Boise he promised Sports Illustrated the week before. Honestly, did the Ducks "overlook" BSU again after they got slapped in their own house last year???

Oregon would be the clear PAC-10 favorite and headed for the NCG if Boise didn't work that Bronco mojo on them in game one. Hey maybe it was just a fluke win, I guess the year before when BSU stomped them in Eugene and went undefeated was just plain dumb luck again... Or maybe it was just Lame Duck.

The fact is this: Boise is the only undefeated team with a victory against a top-10 BCS AQ team and are getting screwed out of a well earned BCS bowl appearance. Do not think for a second that if TCU and Boise finish undefeated, that both will get an invite to play with "The Big Boys". And why should they, the WAC and MWC can't possibly compete at that level...Oh right - there was a 2006 game with Boise and Oklahoma, a 2007 Alabama vs Utah, in 2004 another Fiesta with Utah and Pitt...Yes Hawaii lost to Georgia in the 08' Sugar Bowl, so shame on the Warriors for ruining an otherwise perfect BSC Bowl sweep by those crappy little teams who's annual football budget is under the salary of Oklahoma's head coach. That is one serious parody of parity in NCAA college football, no wonder Congress thinks the BCS is busted.

What we will see (again) is a lousy non-con Notre Dame or two loss Ohio State instead of a team that is not only deserving, but would actually compete. Being a realist I understand that there are millions of dollars involved, and the concept of fair play and sportsmanship do not have a place in big business---aka NCAA Corporate Inc.

This is is taken from FOX Sports about Texas Christian and Boise:
"Even if both of them finishes in the top five in the BCS rankings, one could be left out of a BCS bowl while the "automatic qualifying conferences" fill up the spots with runners-up ranked as far down as 14th. Sure, either could be selected as an at-large team, but that's never happened — give a BCS bowl an option between one of their brothers-in-arms and a TCU or Boise, and they'll go with the conference that they have on speed dial." - Don Borst