Jamie McCourt Affair with Jeff Fuller Further Complicates Dodgers Power Struggle

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 28, 2009

Amidst a court struggle that will decide if Frank McCourt owns the entirety of the Los Angeles Dodgers, his soon-to-be ex-wife Jamie McCourt alleges that she owns a share of the ballclub.

Frank, owner of the franchise, fired Jamie from her post as CEO last week for reasons he cited as “insubordination.”

Like not wanting to be married to you anymore, Frank?

To make things even more complicated, Frank is alleging that Jamie had an affair with Jeff Fuller, which could be a pivotal piece of evidence in deciding the fate of the divorce proceedings.

Making the situation even more movie script-like is the issue that Frank accuses Jamie of taking Fuller, who was her bodyguard at the time, on a two-week trip through Israel and France.

And the Dodgers were billed for the trip.

Only in Hollywood, folks.

Additionally, there was a 911 call placed by Jamie on Sept. 5 that Frank contests was staged. 

Jamie says that Frank unexpectedly came home to find herself and Fuller in the pool. Frank was angered and did something to make Jamie scream, which the housekeeper acknowledges hearing.


The soap opera details of the divorce were released when 700 pages of court documents were dropped off at the Los Angeles Supreme Court on Wednesday morning.

Jamie is now trying to have the courts reinstate her position, and she also brought a laundry list of demands for the court to look over, not to mention that her monthly living expenses are estimated around $488,000.

But that number will be lowered to a measly $320,000 if she regains her position as CEO.

Whew, that could have been expensive for Frank.

The following list, provided by TMZ, outlines the demands of her divorce papers.

·      travel by private jet

·      five-star hotel accommodations

·      travel expenses—unlimited

·      business dinners five nights per week

·      business lunches five days per week           

·      parking spots at Dodger Stadium

·      flowers in the office

·      making Dodger Legends available for events without charge

·      provision of Dodger autographed items as requested for use in business and charitable activities

·      hair and makeup for Dodger events

·      access to team doctors for McCourt family member

·      access to the owner’s suite for Dodger home games and non-baseball events at the stadium

·      tickets to All-Star games and playoff games—even if the Dodgers aren’t playing

·      a pass to all National League games

And you thought your wife was picky.

So how does this affect the Dodgers?

Should Jamie win the case, this could send the Dodgers into a state of chaos.

The divorce is lining up to be so expensive that the two may have to sell the team in order to cover the bill, but Major League Baseball has already made a statement that they are encouraging the McCourts to hold on to ownership of the team.

The bottom line is that this case is developing to be a terrible thorn in the side of a Dodgers’ club that has built the starting points for a championship run over the past two seasons.

Now, the team will be forced to slim things down financially and possibly be launched into an all-out change in ownership, all while trying to elevate their on-the-field product to a World Series championship.


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