The Coin, the Woman, and the Great Game Of Cricket

Dann KhanAnalyst IOctober 29, 2009

The Coin

The story behind this is that the coin often decides the match. Especially in the 50-over format. Statistics agree with this as well. In fact the toss favouring the winner has become such a common phenomenon, that the very existence of this ODI format is in danger as the matches have become so predictable.

The thing is, match conditions (including both weather and pitch condition) can change over the match. Especially in day and night match where the dew factor comes in the second innings. So often the toss winning captain gets to do the bowling or batting(whichever is the better option) in the best possible conditions.

In t20 cricket, the whole game is so short that there is usually not much change. And also, the aim of the game is very much to attack so teams, end up scoring high in any case.

Test cricket can allow both the teams to face the conditions over five days. So it isn't much of a problem.

It is basically the 50 over game that is being hugely affected.

So some of the great thinkers think that some new rules should be made to help counter this over favouring.

The great Indian Batsman Sachin Tendulkar, a person who is supposed to be a genius when it comes to the game, feels that to counter this problem, the one day game should be broken into four innings of 25 overs each. This would result in both the teams having a fair share of the good and bad conditions. Also, a team lagging behind can make up in it's second innings. So matches would be more competitive.

I have great respect for you Mr. Tendulkar, and I am one of your biggest fans, but I disagree. What is the point of having twenty five-over innings when we already have the T20 or the twenty over game?

But I have another reason for not wanting this t25.

Isn't the toss supposed to give an advantage to one team? Isn't that what it is meant for.

Not just in Cricket, but in all the games in the world, there is something called luck, which often makes the game so much more interesting. And almost all the games in this world have some system through which one team, or player gets an advantage. Take a look at chess, one person moves first and the other moves second. Either can be an advantage situation depending on what you prefer. So in each match someone gets an advantage. And when one wants to play first while the other wants to play second, both get the advantage.

Similarly in cricket, when one team wants to bat and the other wants to bowl then it sets up a cracking game! The toss doesn't matter, and still it matters. Because if you take the coin away from the game, such a brilliant setup will never occur.

Also, the art of reading the pitch will die.

So why do you want to make the game 'fairer'?


The Woman

The lady up in the photograph is Claire Taylor. ICC woman player of the year 2009. A fine batsman. Averages 40-plus in both ODIs and Tests. She is also a good glovewoman and keeps wickets some times. She also ended up as the highest scorer in the Women's World Cup and was the player of the series. To add to her resume, her team England' were crowned the world champs after the tournament.

Shows we have so much female talent along with all the male talent. Shows how cricket is not only a man's game.

I salute you Clair Taylor. You have really made the the the female sex proud. You have made them feel that they can compete despite being the two X chromosomes version of the homo sapiens and they don't require the X and Y chromosomes.

But I think the ICC doesn't like it like that. The ICC, along with all it's other faults is highly male chauvinist. The sad part is, this one "Female Player of The Year" award hides this fact.

Why don't we have The Female Test Player of the Year, The Female ODI player of the year, Female t20 Performance of the year, The Female Emerging player of the year...

The ICC also has only one award for the associate countries (Associate Player of the year). So it seems the women teams like associate teams!

Also, Women world cups don't have semi finals. The Top Four of the Super eight, or Super six stage are the Top Four teams of the world. The Top Two play the final and the next two play a third place of. This does make the game less competitive. The fourth best team could have beaten the No.1 team from if you had proper Semis.

Here again 'luck' factor is being taken away from the game. But look at the difference in the situation. In case one, everyone wants to remove this factor, in case two, no one cares. And this is what we call Cricket. The game is moving forward but is leaving half the world behind.

Women commentators also face this chauvinism. In fact, women face discrimination in all the ways they can. Isn't sport supposed to be a way to bring hearts together? Then how can we break so many hearts?

Cricket is called a great leveler. But the way things are going, I think this saying will have to be changed

Cricket is not only unfair to the bowlers these days. There is another huge group.

I think all of us are also at fault. When, we analyzed the ICC awards, no one looked at this. Everyone was concerned with important things. But all about the masculine sex.

I am forewarning you all, whether cricket dies, or not is another matter. But woman support will die for sure