Top Five Most Disappointing Spartan Losses I've Ever Witnessed

Blake MillerContributor INovember 1, 2009

My mood has changed.  Actually, I suppose I should I say my mood is just back to normal as opposed to changed.

Ricky Stanzi, two seconds, and a simple slant play at the goal line have brought me back to Earth. 

Read this should you need any further explanation:

So given that I've been kicked off College Football's Cloud Nine, I've decided to take a different route in order to not end up red in the face due to the Green and White.

Here it is all you Spartan enthusiasts:

The Top Five Most Embarrassing Spartan Losses:

To specify, these are only losses I've seen firsthand or on TV since attending Michigan State University.  So no worries, there's only ONE Michigan debacle on the list.

5.  September 12th, 2009. Central Michigan

Yes, Central Michigan.  The name of the opponent speaks for the level of humiliation.  Not to mention the manner in which the game was lost. 

Cousins to B.J. Cunningham for a 27-20 lead with 7:33 remaining.  Just about ball game right? Wrong.

Dan LeFevour continues to burn the Spartans secondary, and throws a TD to make it a one-point game with 32 seconds left.  They go for two ... hold your breath ... no good.

Disaster averted right? Wrong.

The best onside kick in the history of football falls in the arms of Receiver Bryan Anderson.

But even that's okay because a subsequent 47-yard field goal sails wide.  Game over right? Wrong.

Offsides on the play, and the second try is nothing but down-the-middle-upset-pandemonium-ensuing-kinda good.

4. Sept 19th, 2009. Notre Dame

What a way to follow up a ridiculous upset loss to a MAC team.

Chris L. Rucker (don't get me started on that guy) misses a game-ending interception.

Larry Caper, who's wide open, can't quite reach a clinching touchdown in the face of Touchdown Jesus.

But perhaps most unfairly, the rest can be written off on quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Not shortly after missing Caper, Cousins throws an interception on 2nd-and-goal that ensures a 33-30 Notre Dame victory.

The guy goes for the game of his life- minus one.  302 yards passing yards in South Bend, and then blows it on SECOND down near the goalline. 

Hell, even if he just falls down for another play, Sparty still forces overtime with a chip-shot field goal.


3. November 3rd, 2007. Michigan

Spartan Stadium was rocking with complimentary towels waving frantically.

A 11-point halftime deficit turned into a 24-14 MSU lead with 7:40 left in the fourth quarter.

Add in a crucial fluke first down after Mike Hart scoops up a Ryan Mallet fumble.

Add in Chad Henne.  Instead of the Braylon Edwards making a leaping grab over Ross Weaver, just add in Mario Manningham over Weaver this time.

And you have another heartbreaking Michigan comeback, 28-24.

2. October 24th, 2009.  Iowa

4th-and-goal, two seconds remaining.

A magical hook and ladder goes for not.  An attempt at ending Iowa's undefeated season fails.

I was sitting in the corner where the ball was caught.  I'd rather not elaborate any farther.

1. September, 24th 2006. Notre Dame

The King of Michigan State Implosions.

A 17-0 first quarter became a 31-14 halftime lead.

But a No.10, Brady Quinn-led, Notre Dame squad mounted an incomprehensible rally that culminated in a 40-37 win.

The game was enough to handle. The elation to deflation in 30 minutes of football was enough to handle.

But don't forget the torrential downpour that added insult to injury in a baffling loss. 

Goodbye John L. Smith, hello continued Spartan Football jokes.

Through and through, however, I maintain my love for Sparty.  Through trials and tribulations, through sickness and health, my marriage to the Green and White remains.

So as I sit and watch Michigan State struggle with the hapless Golden Gophers in the first half, it is with complete trepidation that I say: Go Spartans, don't blow it.


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