Kody LancasterCorrespondent IJune 8, 2008

I have always been a huge NASCAR fan and that's what I love but I also keep up with a few of the other major series; The biggest being Indycar (IRL). 

I have been to all the NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) for the past four years but for the first time I saw the Indycars live this weekend at TMS in the Bombardier Learjet 550K. 

The fans at Texas Saturday night were treated to one Hell of a race.  Those guys (and gals) put on an amazing show and it was a great night of racing.  Lots of side by side battles among the heavy hitters in the IRL made for an extremely entertaining night... Until the end that is. 

With just a few laps to go a crash between second and third-place running Marco Andretti and Ryan Hunter-Reay in turn three put the field under caution.  But instead of stopping the race or adding on laps (ala NASCAR's Green-White-Checkered finish) Scott Dixon took the checkered flag behind the pace car. 

The moment the wreck happened people started leaving the grandstands.  I think that is sad.  The IRL has got to figure out a way to finish races under green. 

It just so happens that the previous weekends' race ended the same way.  As a race fan who spent a lot of hard earned money to come and see the race it kinda makes me mad that we don't get to see a green-flag finish.  The IRL has all the scoring and timing technology to be able to bring the cars down pit lane, clean the track, and let them duke it out at 215 mph instead of at caution speed. 

Here's another suggestion; Indycar team members are always riding around on the those little motor scooters. Stop the cars in their running order, send a team member out on one of the little scooters to re-fire the car, and lets finish the competitive way. 

I know the fuel strategy in the Indycars comes into question regarding these suggestions but those teams have smart enough engineers to be able to figure out how to get some fuel left over to finish under green. 

I know there are countless things they could to do work this out and hopefully they can figure out something for the people that come out to see this great series. 

What comes to mind is why people love NASCAR so much; NASCAR tries to finish under green.  They at least try, and that's the big thing! 

The IRL doesn't and NASCAR fans know that they are more than likely going see a green finish whereas Saturday night at Texas when the wreck happened people were heading for the exits! 

Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed the race!  It was awesome!  But i feel a little cheated missing out on being able to see two of Indycars' biggest stars Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves battle for the win under green.